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Flame of Decarabia

A Flame In The Darkness
Aaron C. Donahue's remote viewed drawing of the Goetian spirit Decarabia was yet another surprise. Centered in the full page was a tiny little image of what appeared to be a diamond. That was it.
To see this interesting image and visit the other Goetian spirits evoked to date by Aaron, visit his web site at
When I took this image and blew it up in Photoshop, I discovered an intricate drawing there of not just a diamond. There was more, and there were lines indicating radiance. I had the distinct impression of a dancing light.
"This is it?" I asked. "This is all you saw?"
Aaron only smiled in return. It was that all-knowing smile that indicates I must find out such mysteries for myself. This was information that would be useless if it were spoon fed.
Ah but the answer was quickly found in Seagate Adventurers' Guild Beastiary. There, under the information about the Goetian spirits, I learned that Decarabia is known as "The Marquis in the Pentacle."
This is because the old magickians knew that this spirit, when evoked, first appeared as a bright star burning inside a pentacle of fire. No wonder there was such brilliance in Aaron's drawing.
The stories say Decarabia will remain in this "insubstantial and powerless form until ordered to adopt human form by the summoner." He always is surrounded by a pale blue aura.
Decarabia is a true friend of the Earth. Johann Wier's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, written in the Early English style of 1583, says of this spirit: "he knoweth the force of (herbs) and (precious) stones, and maketh all birds flie before the exorcist, and to tarrie with him, as though they were tame, and that they shall drinke and sing, as their manner is."
He is the sixty-ninth Spirit listed in the Goetia, and governs 30 Legions.