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Donahue's Bifrovs

A Goetian Spirit
Up Close
And Personal
Bifrovs, the 46th of 72 dark spirits once held captive by Solomon, can be examined up close and personal for those who visit Aaron C. Donahue's web page at
Donahue, who apparently has begun using his remote viewing skills to investigate these spirits (or demons according to Christian lore) provides not only a drawing of the magick symbol representing Bifrovs, but he includes a troublesome head-on drawing of the spirit.
A visit to the site is not for the squeamish of heart.
Any esoteric dictionary will describe Bifrovs as follows: "He is an Earl, and appeareth in the Form of a Monster; but after a while, at the Command of the Exorcist, he putteth on the shape of a Man. His Office is to make one knowing in Astrology, Geometry, and other Arts and Sciences. He teacheth the Virtues of Precious Stones and Woods. He changeth Dead Bodies, and putteth them in another place; also he lighteth seeming Candles upon the Graves of the Dead. He hath under his Command 6 Legions of Spirits."
Aaron, who may be the first practitioner to study these particular spirits since Aleister Crowley, gives us information that we may not wish to know. And yet, much like driving past the bloody remains of a dead animal lying on the side of the road, we are compelled to look.
On his web page he writes that the "primal" image of Bifrovs represents "the morbid and those fears associated with one's own mortality. It will bring to those who 'see' the image a playful sense of the horror associated with bodies, once light and alive, now murky, moist and dead within decay."
The spirit appears to us as strangely familiar in the drawing as the head and upper torso of an extremely fat form with a bulbous nose and a hole in the middle of the "head" where the eyes would appear if it were human.  Lines, almost giving us the feeling of cat whiskers, flash upward across the "face" from both sides of the nose.
Aaron writes:
"If one wills the image to be of a man, it can change form and speak within the minds ear. Some may sense a calm voice only from the right side of the head. It will seem as your own voice or as if you are speaking to yourself . . . The lexicon will be slightly different from that of your own and you may notice thoughts that are new or subtly foreign. Most will notice little at first
"Bifrovs is subtle revealing geometric relationships, philosophy, and other arcane sciences. When commanded, this image will engage you in conversation that borders upon the absurd and in a strange way, reveal information of the life in death or eternal.
Aaron then concludes with the following warning:
"Those of you who notice nothing are but the prey of Bifrovs post resonance and should beware."


Bifrovs sigil