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The Biblical Beast
May Not Be
What You Think

At the risk of sounding like the false prophet, I challenge an ancient fear-based myth we have been programmed to accept without question for thousands of years.

beast, as presented in the Book of the Revelation, is portrayed as a most evil person. He rises with great power and comes back to life after receiving a deadly wound to the head. Then, through magic and deception, he becomes some kind of world dictator who declares war against the church. Worst of all, he rations food to people willing to bear a special mark on their right hand or foreheads. He forces division among those willing to accept him and those who will not. Those who reject his ways, refusing to accept the mark, starve. That mark, we are told, is the "number of the beast," 666.

Suppose, for the sake of thought, that my story about an invasion of this planet by an invisible fourth dimensional race of aliens, is correct. That all of our fear-based religious belief systems were implanted in our heads thousands of years ago as a way of making us slaves to beings we don't consciously believe exist. All who follow the belief systems fear an external God who has the power to bring judgment (or severely punish) if they fail to please him.

The beings from that universe who visit us constantly are known to us as angels. Like us, there are good angels and bad angels. Most of them come here with a hidden agenda that does not include our best interests. The angels, who work in harmony with another alien force known as the
Annunaki, have the ability to get in our heads and put ideas there. This is how they control the human race.

Following this line of thinking, we must assume that the so-called holy books like the Koran and the Bible, are filled with lies and half-truths, created by aliens through the minds of the authors. They caused our powerful minds to collectively create an artificial universe that should not exist.

Why would the aliens want to keep us under their control? It is because we are among the few existing life forms able to exist in this heavy, dark, third-dimensional universe. We were an experiment that had much potential, but it has been blocked almost since it began. The entities come here to occupy human bodies and temporarily enjoy our wonderful ability to hear, touch, smell, taste and generally sense things in a way that beings in the other dimensions cannot do. For them, it is like taking a holiday in a virtual reality machine. Most humans are so programmed to be asleep, they are not aware they are being occupied, or "possessed." Our time in these bodies, however, is a double-edged sword. We also suffer pain, hunger, and the agonies of both birth and death.

To the aliens, we are superhuman beings. When fully conscious, and with our bicameral brains working at full capacity, we can exist both in this dimension, and in the fourth, fifth and dimensions beyond that. We should be able to simply leave our bodies and go there. We also should be able to communicate telepathically, without the use of voice, telephone or radio. The invention of these electronic communication machines has filled our world with high volumes of electromagnetic radiation that are affecting the health of all living things. The tragedy is that we never needed them.

There is yet another major reason for the alien desire to keep us in check. We have the power to destroy beings in the other dimensions with mere thought. Thus we are greatly feared. Rather than allow us to discover our full potential, they are going to great lengths to block us from knowing who we are and what we can do. They can do this because we live in such a dark world that we cannot see our own light. We come here as babies, totally forgetting who we were before we arrived, and why we came. We knew this before we came and consequently most of us gave ourselves sign posts to help us remember. For example, our names, which we picked for ourselves, usually contain some kind of a clue. Even then it is rare when humans wake up enough to know what these signs mean, or recognize them as sign posts at all.

There is a peculiarity about the fourth dimension, which to us is a spiritual world where all life forms are more light than substance. Time does not exist there. That means that beings there can look into our heavy third-dimensional world, and know both our future and our past. Thus it was easy for the aliens to see a threat to them at a certain moment in the human experience. This was to happen at or about the year 2000 when a number of humans escape the numbing grip of the angelic song, discover the truth and attempt to warn the others. Because they knew what was going to happen, the angels planted some damage control in the Christian belief system. It was cleverly designed to block a large portion of humanity from breaking free of the yoke.

The aliens were so concerned about this event, they were careful to plant the lie in two books of the Bible. These were the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, and the Book of the Revelation in the New Testament. In so-doing, it helped to implant the
myth in the minds of both Christians and Jews, and give them thousands of years to prepare to resist any effort to kick the aliens off this planet. A key component of both stories is the account of the beast who will rise up as a great power and who declares war on the "saints," another name for the church. The church is among the key religious instruments giving the aliens power over the people.

With this concept in your head, go through the Biblical account of the beast in Chapter 13 of the Book of the Revelation. It opens a whole new understanding of just who the beast is. He now turns into a rebel, an awakened human attempting to lead the human race out of slavery and into the light. Instead of the bad boy, as all Christians believe he will be, the beast may instead be portrayed as a messenger of hope. If he can be successful, there is a chance that the human race can still succeed in its great experiment in this environment.

Here is the real story as envisioned through the techniques of psychic remote viewing:

Notice that there are two beasts. The first is the beast of the sea, the creature with seven heads and ten horns, with feet like a bear and a mouth like a lion. This beast is wounded in the head unto death, but is healed and rises up again, causing the entire world to wonder. This wound appears to be symbolic. I will get into this subject with more depth in a later article.

The second beast rises up out of the Earth, has two horns like a lamb and speaks like a dragon. He exercises all of the power of the first beast and causes all the people to worship the first beast. This beast is a magician who works great wonders. He creates an image and establishes a new belief system. All followers of this new belief system will wear the mark of the beast. Anyone who refuses to join will be left to die because they will be denied food and the other essentials.

Notice what is happening to the world. Because we overpopulated and polluted it, the Earth's ecology is going into self-destruct. The weather changes now occurring are going to get worse. Fires and violent storms ravage the world. Soon there will not be enough food for most people. Expect wars to occur. Before this the angels caused us to fight for spiritual reasons. The final great war will be over the last remaining natural resources needed for survival.

The person referred to in the Bible as the beast, will be a person who, if allowed to work, finds a solution to this mess and leads a number of humans, mostly the youth, into a spiritual rebirth. For the first time, a few humans will actually understand who they are and why they are on this planet. They will, indeed, form a new spiritual organization, although it will not be a religion. They will oppose Christianity and all of the other established world religions and religious cults.

This organization will find a new source of food, which will have to be manufactured by a machine placed in individual homes. The earth, by then, will be so damaged that it will no longer produce crops.

Because of the collapse of society the way we presently know it, the money system we live by also will collapse. We will no longer exchange currency for goods.. Each man and woman will be expected to trade work for food and shelter. This is the mark of the beast. Those who cannot contribute will perish.

If the beast is blocked, the human race will be lost in its own self destruction. Each man's reward will be total annihilation of both his body and soul. The forces that control such things threaten that, if we continue on this dark path, all souls will be destroyed and never be allowed to return to the light from which they came. Many people wander this planet today with fractured souls, and others have no soul at all.

Admittedly, this is a radical change for the world. And it is our own fault. It could have been different.

Because of the complexities shown in the description of the two beasts, there is much more to be told about this story.