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Burning Trade Center

Did Nostradamus Predict
November 11 Horror?

Since the appalling events in New York I have received numerous questions in my e-mail about a Nostradamus quatrain that some believe
accurately predicted the attack.

There have been at least two interpretations of the infamous verse making the rounds via the Internet. The most popular:

"In the city of York there will be a great collapse
Two twin brothers torn apart by chaos
While the fortress falls the great leader will succumb
Third big war will begin when the big city is burning."

According to a Reuters news story, this little verse is a hoax. The famed 16th century French astrologer never wrote it.

The other version, according to the Reuters story, is a more accurate interpretation of what Nostradamus really wrote. It reads:

"In the year of the new century and nine months
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees
Fire approaches the new city."

I have some problems with the Nostradamus prophecies. Because he lived in the dark ages, his verses are so guarded, and his predictions so vague, they can be used to fit into a wide range of events. It also has been said that Hitler's supporters rewrote some of the quatrains to add the prediction that a great power named "Hister" would rise up in Germany. If this is correct, it may mean that many of the verses concerning contemporary events are not to be trusted.

Still, it seems that
Nostradamus, who remains among the most famous of the psychics, predicted some kind of fearful event, apparently of global importance, that he said would happen sometime in either July or September in the year of the new century. While most of us thought of 2000 as that first century year, technically it is 2001. That means that Nostradamus was accurate if he indeed penned the verse about the arrival of the "great King of Terror" and he was looking at the fiery crashes of four hijacked airliners. This verse appears in his tenth quatrain, verse 72 for those who wish to do their own research.

But what Nostradamus also said was that this King of Terror would bring back the Great King of the Mongols. And both before and after this, war would reign unrestrained.

My psychic acquaintance did not predict the New York bombing when I last talked to him. What he did say, however was troublesome.

Several weeks before the New York event he that World War III has already started and nothing can now be done to stop the chain of events that are going to occur. He said everyone was going to see unbelievable horrors, including nuclear warfare before it was over. He said life as we have known it will no longer exist. There will be a destruction of 5.9 billion people before it is over.

The psychic once talked about the Nostradamus verse and the King of Terror. He said this would be an event so terrible that it would launch the long-awaited apocalypse. He also said we would have eight days notice before it occurs, and that it could not be stopped.

There apparently was no warning prior to the New York Trade Center bombing. Does this mean this evil act will be followed in eight days (Wednesday, Sept. 19) by something even worse? 

And who, or what, is the Great King of Terror? Who, or what, is the Great King of the Mongol? I wrote about this quatrain about two years ago when I studied the link between the so-called "king of terror" and the "great king of the Mongol."

The most powerful figure to rise up among the Mongolians was Chingis Khan. This ruler led his people in a military crusade in the 13th Century across the known world. It might be significant that Mongolia is now a part of China, which is playing a major role in world affairs.

There is a little known secret involving Chingis Khan. He was not a barbarian as many people believe. After a brilliant military conquest, Khan led the Mongols and the conquered world in what may have been its first great awakening; a period of spiritual, mental and social development unlike anything experienced since. Khan listened to a spiritual advisor, a powerful shaman and magician known as Yeh-lu Chu'tsai.

It was Yeh-lu Chu'tsai who helped Khan build a society that respected the Earth and understood the spirit that exists in all of nature as a part of god. He carried on with this concept of life as an advisor to the next ruler after Khan's death. Fragments of the original Mongolian belief system are still in the memory of the American Indian tribes although severely diluted because of the tragic influence of the Christian church. The North American people were practicing a reverence and respect for the "Mother Earth," and thinking of her as a living deity that provided the essentials of life when the Europeans first arrived in this part of the world.

Because they have strayed, the Hopi, a tribe of unbelievably psychic people living in Northern Arizona, are predicting the arrival of "the red cloaked one," or purifier, who will judge the world. The Hopi elders know judgment is coming for them because in 1996 they turned their backs on the long-awaited "Pahana."

Prior to this event, my wife Doris and I had the privilege of visiting with one Hopi elder, believed to be among the few remaining tribal members who still followed the old rituals. During our visit he told us how sad he was that the young tribal leaders no longer listened to the elders and were departing from the old ways. He told us he knew the purification was in store for not only the Hopi, but for all of mankind. Among his predictions, he said he saw iron falling from the sky.

Thus it was that the "red-cloaked one," also known among the Indians as Huktuktu, was called upon. His time of arrival has been unknown. Is he the so-called Great King of Terror" identified by Nostrodomas?

Is it possible that Huktuktu has just make himself known to the world? And will Huktuktu call upon Khan's advisor, Yeh-lu Chu'tsai for help? Would this explain the warning that the King of Terror would bring forth the Great King of Mongol? Perhaps these two entities are one and the same. Was Yeh-lu Chu'tsai so great a magician that he could transport himself through time? While this may seem far-fetched, suppose, just because it fits the Nostrodomas story, he is a powerful inter-dimensional time traveler from Mongolia who is coming to purify the world and make things right again. If ever we needed a miracle like that, the time is now.

The late Aleister Crowley, another contemporary psychic, author and magician, revealed yet another name for the purifier in his book Liber Al vel Legis, more commonly known as The Book of the Law. This frightening being uses the name Ra Hoor Khuit. Crowley has never claimed The Book of the Law as his own work. He said it was dictated to him by a sub-space being who said his name was "Aiwass, the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat." This happened in 1904 while Crowley was in Cairo, Egypt.

The Book of the Law is a most disturbing work. Ra Hoor Khuit identifies himself as "a god of war and of vengeance," who comes to destroy all who would chain the free will of mankind.

The fact that the aboriginal people describe the purifier as "red cloaked" brings to mind an image of the Christian entity, Satan, also described as a red being with horns and a tail. For many people, the purifier will be perceived as evil. His mission is to slash, kill and burn. He will enter the minds of men and cause them to make war. In reality, he is the result of man's own folly. He is coming because we have overpopulated and now are in the process of destroying the Earth's delicate ecological system, and consequently, ourselves. If humanity has any chance of survival, there must be a purification.

Our sin has been one of omission. We, just like so many members of the Indian tribes, forgot to love and take care of the Mother Earth. We have brought this horror upon ourselves.