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Through the Eyes of a Psychic

By James Donahue
Anyone who reads this column for any length of time should know that I see things from a different perspective than most everybody else.

When other people are rushing to the store in response to a new advertising blitz to purchase that to purchase a new brand of soap, or line up at the theater to catch the latest hot film, I am not usually among them. My life has been spent watching and observing the American scene, but never joining it. I choose to be a writer, which allows me separate myself from the maddening crowd I watch.

I married a woman who, like me, walks a different path. Doris and I enjoy a nonconformity which, we notice, is adopted by our children. In recent years we all discovered psychic functioning. It came upon us gradually. I think our children discovered this wonderful gift of living first. Then Doris and I began to learn how to get involved. I profess that I am personally not as good at it as those around me, but even in my limited way, I enjoy the richness of life just that much more.

What is psychic functioning? We have visions. We have discovered how to leave our physical body and explore the spirit world, sometimes called the astral. We are aware of a much broader universe than most people would imagine. We know how to sometimes alter the future by placing information into a collective consciousness. We are collectively disturbed by a world gone amuck.

When people stay home and in front of their television sets to catch the latest science fiction series, I am having a much better time drifting out of my body and flying off to visit other worlds. While they are content with an artist's concept of what an alien encounter would be like, I have actually been out there communicating with other life forms. Most aliens don't like us and keep their distance.

Don't get me wrong. I do not profess to have any special powers or gifts. In fact, I am only beginning to learn how to use natural abilities that everyone possesses. The only difference between us is that this family is working hard to learn things we should have been taught when we were children.

Here is an example of psychic functioning:

Doris has always had an amazing ability to see right through any false fronts and get right to the truth in any matter. In recent years she developed an ability to talk directly with various intelligent entities that give her accurate information about the goings on in the world. They even tell her about future and past events. The crystal New Age people might call what she does "channeling," but I have a different description for it. I will explain later in this article.

Here is one amazing prediction she received in December, 1995. An entity named Aiwass told her that there would be an unsuccessful attempt to impeach President Bill Clinton. At the time we thought it was a pretty wild story and would never happen. How wrong we were.

Doris has received several other interesting predictions about our personal lives that came true, even though they seemed outlandish at the time.

Before we moved from Michigan to Arizona in 1995, we were told that two mutual acquaintances; Chris, a young college student who was a friend of our daughter's, and Sharon, a 50-year-old woman who was an acquaintance of my wife, would come to Arizona together to visit us. While these two people knew of each other, they did not know each other. The chance of their coming together to visit us was remote.

Strangely enough, Chris and Sharon both came to visit and they both picked the same exact time to arrive. Chris came to Phoenix to visit our daughter, Jennifer, who was attending school there. A few days later Sharon arrived at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix for a visit with us. We were living several miles away in Sedona at the time, so Jennifer and Chris met her at the airport and drove her to Sedona. Chris and Sharon did, indeed, come together to visit us in Arizona!

How could Doris have received such accurate information about the future months, and even years, before it happened?

The late Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute for psychic research in Faber, Virginia, has written several books about leaving the body, astral travel, and psychic functioning. Family members have attended the institute to get some personal insight in this amazing universe that surrounds the physical existence in which we live.

We have learned that time is an invention of our physical world. When you get out of the body and fly around with the beings in the "spirit" world, time does not exist. There exists, instead, a collective consciousness, or library of information, that anyone can tap into. This library is filled with facts about not only the present and past, but also the FUTURE! Certain psychics, including my wife, are able to see through a veil that separates the two worlds and get glimpses of information from the collective.

This explains then, how people can have premonitions about certain airplane flights that are going to crash, and turn away from boarding the aircraft at the last moment. My aunt once woke from a sound sleep and knew that her son was in trouble.  Within the next hour the telephone rang and she got the news that her son, indeed, had been nearly killed when he drove his motorcycle into the side of a truck. There also are stories about the many people who decided not to board the Titanic before it sailed on its deadly voyage because they had a dream, or a "bad feeling."

So what information are we now getting about the future?

We know this. We have constant visions of a terrible world war which appears to go on for many years. It brings chemical and biological attacks on the United States. In the end nuclear bombs will be used. The United States will be hit by several very powerful bombs, as will other parts of the world. When it is over, the world as we know it will be drastically changed. A very large segment of the world's population will be gone. It is possible that none of us will come out of it alive.

Not all of the information we are getting is so terrible.

Worries about a stock market crash also are unfounded. At least for right now. Now that the market has gone beyond 10 points, look for it to go out of control. It will continue to rise, possibly going as high as 15 points, but the rises and falls will be extremely unpredictable. The market seems to be taking on a life of its own. There will be some amazing fluctuations causing fortunes to be made and broken overnight. Some people will become very rich while others will lose everything they have.

You will see the gap between the very rich and the very poor grow wider. The middle class in America will be a thing of the past.

And yes, the stock market will crash. But it will be our own doing. When the war goes out of control, the economic systems of the world will be in total disarray. We believe this will be a few years away