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Aaron C. Donahue

The Psychic Revealed;
The Wise Will Mark his Words

The mystery psychic and remote viewer from whom the inspiration for this column is kindled is our son.

Aaron C. Donahue was born with a wonderful gift. He possesses capabilities that most people neither comprehend nor believe, even though he can prove them in the most interesting ways. Through advanced right-brain and psychic functioning, Donahue knows people's thoughts and leaves his body to travel anywhere on the earth, the universe or time he chooses. He has the ability to learn the best kept secrets behind any person or institution, and he can accurately predict future events and present revelations of the past.

Because he is so sensitive to the world in which he lives, Donahue appears to spend much of his time in seclusion. He usually dresses in black, as do his associates, because of his sensitivity to bright colors.

It should come as no surprise that Donahue frightens many people he comes in contact with. We live in a world in which everyone lives in secrecy, and for Donahue, there are no secrets. He knows everyone's thoughts. He can tell a total stranger exactly what his or her home looks like, right down to small details. Because of his background in medicine, he can mentally look inside a person's body and describe his or her exact state of health.

While in college, Donahue was a brilliant student who stunned his professors with challenging new ideas. He has since discovered that reading is, at least for him, a waste of time. He can absorb information from any book by placing it by his pillow at night while he sleeps.

But he says there is an even better "library" of information instantly available to anyone who learns to reach it. This, he says, is something called a "collective," a place in that strange area outside of the body where all human thought is stored. A brief visit there, and Donahue says he can absorb volumes of knowledge on any known topic.

So just who is Aaron Donahue? Is he what most humans would refer to as a modern genius?

He denies this. Donahue says he believes he may be one of many people like himself in existence on this planet whose jobs are to assist the human race reach a new level of mental evolution.

"Anyone can do what I do," he said. "But they must first raise their level of human consciousness. They must learn to use the right side of their brain. They must raise their total frequency so it resonates at higher levels."

Because of the looming changes in the planet, brought on by human pollution and overpopulation, Donahue says that people must learn to raise their level of consciousness very soon or expect to perish.

He said most people, at best, use less than 10 percent of their brain throughout their life. Nearly everyone is limited to left-brain, or rote functioning. Only creative people like musicians, writers and artists achieve the ability to use a portion of the right brain. What Donahue is doing is learning to turn on all of the brain.

"I find it astounding that nobody ever questions why we were born with such large brains if all we ever use is such a small part. I also find it astounding that most doctors who specialize in the brain believe the right hemisphere of the brain is a useless, leftover relic from the distant past. They compare it to our appendix because we never use it. Why hasn't anybody questioned this?"

Donahue said he discovered his psychic abilities as a young child. While just thinking about being someplace, he said he found himself slipping out of his body and going there.

After a near death experience in 1995, he said he began having disturbing visions of future social and ecological collapse. In an attempt to learn more about these visions and to master his abilities, Donahue applied and was accepted for remote viewing 
training with Psi Tech, a private California-based facility then operated by Major Edward Dames.

Dames, perhaps the best known remote viewer in the world, was a former intelligence specialist for the U. S. Army, where he headed a team of remote viewers. Remote viewing was an experiment in mind travel used during the Cold War years. It is a way of temporarily shutting down the left side of the brain and using right-brain activity to describe enemy fortifications. It is a technique for spying that does not put the viewer in harm's way.

The military used remote viewing on a limited basis during the cold war and as recently as the 1990 Gulf War, but then shut down the program because of issues involving a disclosure.

Maj. Dames left the military at that time and formed Psi Tech. There he brought an elite team of his best remote viewers. This team continued to develop remote viewing, worked as an advisor to the military, and trained new people. Donahue was among the people chosen to train at Psi Tech.

In preparation for Psi Tech, Donahue completed three weeks of intensive training in out-of-body experience and other psychic functions at
Monroe Institute, in Fabre, Va.

While at Monroe Institute, Donahue participated in an advanced program for psychics that used patented sound frequencies to emulate the death experience. His training also included helping spirits of the dead move with ease into the next world.

He said that contrary to popular belief, death is an unexpectedly pleasant experience. It is not the end of life, but a passing from once existence into another.

Since his work with Dames, Donahue says he has been working to advance his skills as a remote viewer, carrying the technique to new levels.

He has used his skills to unlock the secrets of alpha numerics, all mystery schools, the discovery and interpretation of the Hopi prophecy stone tablet and the Nostradamus quatrains. He also has explored the distant past and discovered the truth behind the real history of the human race. He says humans have been lied to for thousands of years.

"We were supposed to have evolved but we were prevented from doing this," Donahue said.

He said something is going to happen that will separate all humans. Those people who have learned who they are and succeeded in raising their frequency will experience a change but they will be limited in number. Most humans will be left confused and confounded. He said the veil that has prevented them from seeing the truth will be lifted.

"Our DNA is changing now at a greater rate than social paradigms. Thus chaos inspires the unity of our intelligence regardless of conditioning," Donahue said. "There are no secrets."

Donahue said he also has examined the looming apocalypse and knows when and how it will happen. "It is not what everybody thinks. It is going to be much worse."

He said severe weather changes, caused by world industrial pollution and global warming, plus an onset of new plant pathogens, is already creating a severe food shortage in the world. Other emerging horrors include new life threatening illnesses, including a new sickness spread to humans from infected livestock (written in July 2000) and a new sexually transmitted disease.

He envisions a catastrophic global event that will change the world super powers as they exist today into a united socialist government friendly to the ideas of eco-safe commerce and a very unusual kind of food production. He said human population will be reduced.

His advice to people for dealing with the looming change is relatively simple. First, Donahue said, we must learn to look within to find understanding. If more is needed, "look to people like
Mikhail Gorbachov, the Dali Lama, or Sathya Sai Baba of India for influence concerning unity."

Above all, Donahue urges people to love one another. "The light of human love is now very dim. If you do not love you will die," he warned. "And you must tend the garden (the Earth). You must stop polluting. If you don't stop we will make you stop for the sake of our children and our own future here on Earth."
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