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President Reagan's Secret Plan
to Stop the Apocalypse

There was a private side to President Ronald Reagan that few Americans knew about. Not only were he and his wife, Nancy, interested in astrology but this president had an interest in psychic predictions. He was a student of Bible prophecy and became fascinated by stories about the looming apocalypse as told in the Book of the Revelation.

Reagan's research led him to an ancient text that revealed additional information about the four living creatures identified in Revelation's fourth chapter. It said these creatures were angelic beings waiting in secret underground vaults somewhere along the Euphrates River. They had been there for thousands of years, waiting to do one job. Once released, the creatures were to rise up and launch the great tribulation.

At the time Reagan made this discovery, the U. S. military was involved in a top-secret experiment in espionage called remote viewing. Some of the best known psychics in the country were working to find a way to collectively use their minds to visit enemy fortifications and sites without actually going there. Among the best of these psychics was
Ingo Swann who successfully developed a technique for keeping the left hemisphere of the brain busy with rote tasks so the right-brain could tap into the common river of human thought C. G. Jung identified as a collective unconsciousness. The result was called right brain functioning. Swain's technique was so good, a team of people using it at the same time could acquire reasonably accurate information about any target.

It is because of Swann's work that this incredible story can be revealed. It was told to me by a psychic and trained remote viewer.

According to this source, Reagan called upon the team of remote viewers to locate the hiding places of the four living creatures. It was his belief that if the creatures could be found and captured, the military might (a.) prevent the onset of the apocalypse, and (b.) if the apocalypse could not be halted, the capture of the four angelic beings might give the United States a tactical advantage for surviving it.

Personally, I don't know why Reagan thought the capture of four angels would help our country survive the ravages of plague, famine, war and death promised in that dark book, but it seemed to have been his personal belief. Had I been in his shoes I might have chosen to adopt the old adage: "let sleeping dogs lie."

As if this story isn't strange enough, the plot gets even thicker.

Once the remote viewers identified the location of the hiding places of the four angels, the military sent teams on a special mission to find and capture them. I don't know the details but the military achieved its objective. The living creatures were reportedly captured and brought to the infamous
Area 51 testing ground at Groom Lake in the Nevada desert.

Angels are fourth dimensional beings and are generally unable to appear physically in our world, at least for any length of time. Like other aliens from that parallel universe, they are entities of light. These four living creatures, however, seemed to be genetically designed with bodies that allowed them to physically stay here. They obviously have extremely long life spans because they have been here for thousands of years.

That they found a way to live in this three-dimensional universe, and remain here in a physical, although extremely aerial form, was of great interest to the military. That is because the military was doing reverse engineering with crashed UFOs at that time. The technicians working on this top-secret project actually built a flying UFO. The research led to the development of some rather sophisticated aircraft, including the Stealth bomber. Early in the project, however, it was discovered that humans could not survive the severe environment created within these super aircraft when they tried to fly them. The machines could fly faster than the speed of light, pass through solid objects and travel back in time. When they reached such speeds, the bodies of the test pilots literally exploded into millions of particles.

Because they can travel faster than light, UFOs not only are intra-dimensional, they also are time machines. Science recently reported that under certain circumstances, a beam of light might be projected at 300 times faster than the speed of light. It also was shown that Einstein was right when he theorized that time slows when you approach the speed of light. When you move faster than light, you can go backward in time. Military leaders recognized the advantage of possessing and successfully flying such a machine. If America could find a way to send people into the past, they could do certain things to alter the present. They reasoned that it might be technically possible to control world events from the past.

As I said in an earlier report, military scientists did early experiments in genetic engineering at Area 51. Angelic DNA was crossed with human DNA in an attempt to create a new super pilot. The idea was to create a new species, part human and part alien, which could survive the rigors of handling such an aircraft.

The experiment was partly successful but it failed just the same. A genetic mutation was developed, but only the females survived. The males died as children, before they reached puberty. Thus the new creature could not reproduce and survive as a species.

Not only do some of the surviving mutant women still live under guard and in a secret underground bunker somewhere under or near Area 51, but the four apocalyptic angels are living there too. They are prisoners of the U. S. military.

All of these beings are extremely intelligent. All are very aware of the world around them. All communicate telepathically with one another and with the few existing humans in the world who have retained (or relearned) telepathic skills.

I have made no secret of the fact that I live with a family of highly skilled psychics. At least two members of my family can communicate telepathically with these beings. We know of their existence, and they know of ours. That our government is keeping such highly intelligent and talented living creatures locked up in a secret underground bunker, for fear of ever letting the public know what went on there, is a tragedy.

The four apocalyptic angels should have been left alone. That they have been captured and imprisoned is a strange twist to the Biblical prophecies concerning the end times. As long as our government keeps them chained, military leaders seem assured that they will not launch an apocalypse. Yet the very fact that they have been located and captured suggests that an apocalypse looms and the time is close.

What is to assure that our government will last forever and that our military will not someday be overtaken by outside forces? What is to assure that the four living creatures will not be accidentally released someday by unsuspecting explorers, wondering what they might find in some concrete bunker deep under the Nevada desert?

Yet another frightening question has been on my mind. Why would the four creatures even need to be released to accomplish their work? Since they communicate with their minds, would it not be possible for them to launch the apocalypse from where they are?

Hollywood couldn't come up with a better plot for a horror film.