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Are We Headed for a War
With China and Russia?

(Written before the 9-11 attacks and George W. Bush launched his world wide "war on terror.")

The oracles that surround my family have been predicting a nuclear confrontation with China. We started getting this message about three or four years ago when we were living in desperation, crammed temporarily in a broken down old motel in Holbrook, Arizona, with no place to go.

My wife Doris discovered that she could do something many psychics call "channeling." She found that she could communicate with an entity called Aiwass, who gave us information about the future, about world events, and personal advice on what we were doing in Arizona. We often spent our mornings having "breakfast with Aiwass." While enjoying our second cup of coffee, she would talk to Aiwass and together we would ask questions. In a way, it was a form of entertainment, but we also were curious about her newly discovered abilities and were testing them to the limit.

We had a television in that motel but other than run rented movies through our VCR it was useless  for anything else because there was no television antenna on the building. Because we were miles from anywhere, even our radio failed to give us much information. Thus we were hungry for news. We also had lots of time to interview Aiwass and since this person seemed to know everything, it should not be surprising that we asked for the news. Instead of current news, however, we usually got information about the future. For example, we were told that there was going to be an attempt to impeach President
Bill Clinton. At the time we had a hard time believing such a story, but about two years later, it happened. Aiwass also said I would write a best-selling book. That too, has not yet happened. Oh, well.

Another eerie prediction was that Los Angeles was going to be hit by a nuclear bomb from China. That has not happened, although I have not forgotten the prediction. We were living due east of Los Angeles at the time, and I was concerned about nuclear fall-out if a bombing happened while we were in Arizona.

About a year later we had the privilege of meeting with one of the last of the elders of the old Hopi Fire Clan on the Third Mesa. We were there to talk about spiritual matters. This very mystical man spoke to us in riddles. He said he saw iron falling from the sky. He was saying, in effect, that he felt mankind was doomed. I believe he was looking into the future and was telling us that the United States was going to be bombed by a foreign invader. He said he thought it was too late to change the course of history.

The Potawatami psychic No Eyes, in her talks with
Mary Summer Rain, predicted atomic bombs would fall on at least two American cities. She makes these predictions and other interesting forecasts, including a rash of airplane, bus and passenger train crashes, nuclear power plant melt-downs, growing labor unrest and many other events now coming true in Rain's book "Phoenix Rising."

All of this is very bothersome to me now as I watch the Bush Administration and before that the Clinton Administration tinker with world affairs. The presidents and their staff seem to be bent on sending us on an extremely dangerous course. In case you haven't put all of the news events of the past few months together, I will do it for you:

--The NATO bombing of the Serbs in Yugoslavia really angered the Russians. They are blood brothers with the Serbs and were not happy with us for doing that. They point out that we interfered with a civil war, a conflict between the Christian and Moslem factions, and that NATO had no business there. Russia correctly blames the United States, which manipulated the whole affair and sent most of the manpower and armor.

--President Clinton's public criticism of the Russian attacks on the Islamic rebels in Chechnya also created friction between his office and former Russian prime minister Boris Yeltsin. In a not-so-veiled threat, Yeltsin reminded Clinton that Russia remains a powerful nuclear power. He said the Russian business in Chechnya is not the business of the United States. That same week Yeltsin announced that he was putting his nuclear missile bases on "full alert," and said the missiles were now pointed at the United States. The Russians don't take our behavior lightly. Indeed, the Russian army is dealing with Islamic terrorist bombings in Moscow in a most effective way. Throughout history, anyone, including Napoleon and Hitler, who attacked Moscow ended up going down in flames. The Russian Army is in the process of wiping out all trace of the Moslem terrorist faction in that little republic. Instead of condemning Russians for this, I think we should be sitting back and watching the show. I, for one, will be interested to see if it works.

--While we were dropping bombs on the Serbs in Belgrade our planes "accidentally" bombed the Chinese embassy, killing many Chinese officials. The Chinese government regarded this as a deliberate act of aggression. They refused to believe it was an accident. I also have trouble believing that we could make this kind of mistake. Since then, U.S. relations with China have been deteriorating. That we have since paid China a settlement of $28 million for the damage did little to squelch that country's hatred of the U.S.

--Since the events in Yugoslavia, we have discovered that the Chinese somehow slipped spies into our key missile and defense factories, and managed to openly buy and steal key military and computer equipment. The Chinese have not only tested very powerful nuclear explosives, but now are testing some long range missile systems capable of delivering nuclear bombs on America. China has built up its naval strength, and now possesses an impressive
submarine fleet that is cruising the world. Overnight, China has become a third world super power to be reckoned with.

--Back when Jimmie Carter was president, the United States agreed to give the Panama Canal back to the Panamanian government. Many key military advisors warned at the time that it was a mistake. They are speaking even louder now that we have actually handed over the canal. Four of the canal's major ports are controlled by a company called
Panama Ports Company, affiliated with Hutchinson Whampoa, Ltd.  This company is 10 percent owned by China Resources Enterprise, the commercial arm of China's Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation. Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has called China Resources Enterprise "an agent of espionage-economic, military, and political-for China." Thompson and others are warning that it is possible that China will soon control the Panama Canal. If we go to war, China can geographically divide our Navy by denying access to the canal.

--Relations between China and Taiwan grew tense a year or two ago when Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui called for state-to-state relations with mainland China. China has always regarded Taiwan as part of the mother country and looks upon this as an act of civil disobedience. The Chinese government was offended by Teng-hui's "declaration of sovereignty." China now threatens to attack the island to reclaim the people and the territory. To China, such an attack would be a form of civil war, and nobody's business but that of China. American business has strong ties to Taiwan because the island has developed as a major electronic industrial center. It should not have been surprising when President George W. Bush recently told news reporters that the U.S. would defend Taiwan if China attacks. This was an extremely dangerous thing for our president to have said. That China has not responded, but instead is standing silent about his statement, should be considered more threatening than any other thing the China leadership might have done. Like all of the dumb things we do, we would apparently defend Taiwan because of our real deity, money.

--The US used to be the leader of a worldwide effort to disarm all of the atomic weapons, yet the world doesn't trust us. And who is to blame the world? News of a recent accident at the old Oak Ridge, Tenn. plant where nuclear bombs are made revealed that we are still making them. And a congressional blue ribbon panel recently recommended that the Department of Energy design a new modern billion-dollar plutonium weapons plant and organize teams at the nation's nuclear laboratories to design new warheads for the first time in years. George W. Bush also backed out of the US nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia, and is now ignoring efforts by the Russians to enter a revised treaty. It doesn't sound like turning guns into plowshares to me.

--Of course we all know the story of a collision of our "spy" plane with a Chinese attack jet and the forced landing of that aircraft at a Chinese military airbase. While that stew was brewing, the Bush administration announced plans to sell some sophisticated military equipment to Taiwan and President Bush announced that the U.S. would defend Taiwan. He later indicated that it was an accidental slip of the tongue and was not a change in U. S. policy, which has been to not take sides.

--Before his retirement, Russian premiere Boris Yeltsin met with China's President
Jiang Zemin for an important two-day summit in Beijing. When it was over, the two issued a joint statement in which they pledged to support one another in a new pact of friendship. The two men condemned the "growing trend of using pretexts such as human rights and humanitarian intervention to destroy the sovereignty of independent states." China agreed to support Russia's military campaign in Chechnya and Yelstin agreed to back China's demands that Taiwan be reunited with China. There is no reason to believe Russia's new premiere, Vladimir Putin, will not continue to honor this pact.

In effect, the two leaders were pledging to back each other if a showdown with the United States develops over either issue. Any further attempt by our government to interfere with China or Russia in either of these conflicts could bring serious consequences.

If I were a resident of Los Angeles right now, I would be packing my bags and watching these events very closely.