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The Secret War
Against Cloudbusters

The "cloudbuster," an invention by German scientist
Wilhelm Reich early in the 20th Century has been among the world's best kept secrets.

This device, basically a long hollow metallic tube pointing from the ground to the sky, has been secretly banned, banished, and destroyed along with any individual who dared to make one.

A case in point are brothers James and Terry Nichols, organic farmers in Michigan's Sanilac County who once experimented with a cloud buster on their "back 40" in an attempt to control the weather. Cloud busters are believed to use Earth energy to circulate moisture from the ground back into the sky, thus creating a natural circulation that causes clouds and rain.

Terry Nichols now is serving a life's term in prison for his alleged association with Timothy McVey and their so-called 1995 plot to
bomb the Oklahoma City federal building with a Ryder truck full of fertilizer.

Few people know that James Nichols also spent time in jail while the FBI spent months researching his possible link to the fertilizer truck explosion. Even after he was released and allowed to return to his farm, James Nichols remained under constant FBI surveillance for a long time.

Anybody with their head screwed on right should know that a fertilizer truck might blow up, but it would never explode with enough force to destroy half of a four-story concrete and steel building, even if it was backed up against the wall. Something has been very wrong with this picture from day one. My theory is that the lives of the Nichols brothers were destroyed by forces who were angry at their experimentation with a simple tube pointed at the sky.

Reich died in prison on trumped up charges of carrying contraband across state lines. He was trying to salvage some of his own papers after a federal judge ordered them burned in the streets of New York.

While there is no written law banning a person from owning or even using a cloud buster, I dare anyone to try it. This device seems to be feared by authority.

That's because it works.

The American Indians knew all about the theory of Earth energies sending moisture into the sky. They used a rain dance to cause the same effect. While they danced, the Indians thought of themselves as long hollow tubes, projecting moisture from their feet, through their bodies and into the air. That is how powerful the human mind is. This collective thought by a group of dancers caused rain clouds to form right over their heads. And it should be no surprise that many of these types of rituals are now banned by our government.

Trees are natural cloud busters. They also are natural negative ion generators, which, incidentally, are also legally banned by our government. While still available in other countries, you cannot buy a negative iron generator in the United States.

Trees are tall, round tube-shaped plants that draw volumes of water from their roots and emit it into the air, along with life-giving oxygen, from their leaves.
Trees are perfect companions with humans. A tree's biological makeup is so uniquely tuned to the needs of the human it is easy to understand why we exist together in perfect balance on this planet.

Our blood is red and hot. A tree's blood is green and cool. We inhale the air and use the oxygen in it to live, and we exhale carbon dioxide. The tree photosynthesizes the air through its leaves, lives on carbon dioxide and creates oxygen.

Trees cool the planet. As negative iron generators, they work to keep the air clean, fresh and pure, constantly filtering out pollutants that would harm our lungs. Their leafy branches provide shade from the day's hot sun during the summer months. Trees actually help cool the Earth.

Trees help keep the Earth's environment in a perfect state for all life. Their presence cools the burning heat of summer, and protects from the winds of a storm. They work to draw moisture from the ground and send it off into the sky to form clouds and make rainfall.

So, you may by now be asking, why does "authority" go out of its way to destroy people who experiment with cloud busters, why are negative iron generators banned in the U.S., and why are humans still busy destroying the world's forests?

Why indeed. The fact that we ARE destroying the forests and overpopulating the world is total insanity. Yet we blindly plunge ahead, pretending that all is well as our ecological system goes into self-destruct.

The only answer I have to these questions is collective insanity. I think most people of this world are possessed. Some might say they are possessed by greed. They reason that as long as there is money to be made, lets continue on with business as usual. Lets cut down the trees to make room for another housing development and shopping mall.

If there ever was an argument for alien possession, this strange, unexplained mass destruction of all methods of saving the air we breath and the planet we inhabit, could be it. There is no good reason for the banning of negative ion generators and cloud busters, yet they are both considered highly illegal in this country. The reason for mass destruction of the forests also baffles the mind. Someone seems to want to kill off the human race. If we continue on our current path of destructive behavior, we will succeed in doing this very thing.

In case you haven't noticed, the Earth is experiencing some dramatic weather and climate changes of late. Some scientists blame this on a collection of greenhouse gasses from carbon combustion and volcanic activity that is trapping heat. The sun is warming, the Earth is warming, the storms are intensifying, and we are having either too much rain or no rain at all in critical areas that once enjoyed a balanced climate, perfect for growing crops. And we no longer have enough trees to counteract the heat and the smog. Our ozone layer, a product of thousands of years of natural development, has been destroyed so we aren't protected from the ultra-violet rays of the sun either. It may soon be necessary for us to live underground and live like the ants.

I suppose I am beginning to sound like a broken record about this subject. But I can't ignore the fact that our problem is caused by overpopulation. With more than 6 billion people squeezed on this planet, and the numbers expanding expeditiously, we are running out of natural resources.

One of the worst things we have been doing is destroying our forests to open more land to grow more crops. In some parts of the world, forests are being burned, either on purpose or by accident. The ultra dry conditions this year (1999) are now causing great forest fires in Indonesia, Guatemala, Florida, Turkey, Greece and Honduras. The Honduran fires alone have already destroyed over 42,000 acres at the time of this writing.

The horror of this is that the loss of these trees intensifies the problem. We now have so many trees gone, our fresh water lakes and streams are drying up. The Great Lakes 
are at their lowest level that anyone can remember. They can't refill because there aren't enough trees. It won't be long and people's water wells will be drying up. Without trees, we are running out of drinking water. Our very existence on this planet now appears threatened because we have blindly destroyed our forests. Now nature is out of control. The chances of stopping this open assault on the remaining ecology of our sick planet are almost nil.

Most communities in the United States celebrate Arbor Day, a time when children go out and plant trees. Some people refer to it as Earth Day. Arbor Day occurs early in the southern part of the nation. The northern states usually celebrate Arbor Day in late April or even early May.

I suggest that Arbor Day be marked as a more important day of reverence for all of us. It should be regarded as a most holy of days. . . a time when it is mandated that every man, woman and child in the world must go out and plant a tree. Not only plant that tree, but nurture, water and care for the tree until it gets a firm start.

If everyone did just this one thing, we would have 6 billion new trees growing on the planet within a few weeks. If we did it once each year, it might make a difference.