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The Real Story Behind America's
UFO Connection and Area 51

There is a story involving the U. S. Military's mysterious Area 51 in Nevada that is so incredible it makes seasoned psychics and remote viewers turn pale when they look at it.

Even though the Air Force has now admitted that Area 51 exists, and from all appearances, the secret military testing facility is closed and no longer operating, a terrible secret there is still being kept under vigilant guard. That is because it involves an experiment in genetic engineering that created an underground community of half aliens-half humans who still live there. They remain under constant guard, and never see the light of day.

Area 51, also known as
Groom Lake, is a six-by-ten-mile tract of desert, located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, that was used for testing secret and experimental new types of aircraft.

The various circulating television documentaries about UFO sightings and abductions usually include information about the so-called 1947 crash of a UFO near
Roswell, New Mexico. The story includes rumors that the wreckage, plus bodies of either dead or living alien pilots, were removed to a hanger on Area 51. Consequently, Area 51 has become synonymous with a general belief in a government UFO cover-up.

Much of what you see in these programs is true. The Groom Lake Project really existed and it was a secret black budget operation. A well-trained staff of armed guards using electronic sensor devices maintained tight security. And people living or visiting the neighborhood at night did, indeed, see the lights of strange flying aircraft. This has long been confirmed with the help of advanced psychic abilities and the principles of remote viewing.
The facts are these:

Aliens are real. They exist in a parallel universe that some people call the astral plane, or sub-space. It exists all around us. The
aliens are mostly beings of light to us. The best way to get a good look at them is to learn how to leave our bodies and enter the parallel universe where they live.

While they primarily exist on other planets, the aliens know about our world, and are very aware of the humans living in this dimension. They seem to have very long lives. The civilizations they come from are ancient and their evolution appears to be extremely advanced. While our three-dimensional world is too dense and dark for them to live here, some aliens have developed the technology to cross over and make brief visits. They come in special protective suits and in flying machines that have been observed by humans for thousands of years. The most familiar visitor, which we call the "
greys," are frail beings of light wearing protective suits. What appear to us as large black eyes are really protective coverings that shield these aliens, mostly from our thoughts, which to them are very loud and sometimes deadly when they get too close. We humans are so powerful we can kill the aliens with a mere thought.

There is evidence in ancient rock carvings, ancient writings and aboriginal legends that the aliens made contact with humans in the distant past. The sudden arrival of intelligent humanoid life that began building cities, creating tools and developing civilization seems to have been brought about by genetic manipulation by visiting aliens. That we show different skin colors and appearances also suggests that the experimentation either was done by more than one visiting alien race, or that more than one type of earth bound humanoid type of animal was used in the experiments.

While the aliens could not live on this planet, they found that they could genetically alter the existing animals that lived here to accelerate the evolution of intelligent life and may have put their own DNA in them. We may all be descendants of some alien life from other stars.

Why would the aliens be so interested in this planet that they would go to all the trouble? For one thing, the Earth contains an abundant supply of minerals and substances of great interest to the aliens. They still come here to mine.

But there is something even more important. It seems that we exist for a while in solid bodies that living creatures in sub-space do not have. And while we exist in them, our bodies give us the ability to touch, taste, smell, hear and fully enjoy the things around us. We can experience great moments of pleasure through sex, eating food, listening to music and just communicating with one another. Thus some aliens, mostly the Anunnaki, come here to inhabit our bodies. They are among the many sub-space beings that "possess" humans, mostly to experience the sensations of a physical body that we enjoy. For them it is like taking an expensive holiday. Existence in sub-space is different. It is a silent place, where all communication is through mental thought. When we leave our bodies, we also are light beings, capable of going anywhere by mere thought. Once getting there, however, we cannot use our senses like we do here.

The disadvantages of living in our bodies is that we also experience extreme pain and suffering. We must go through the agony of birth, death and illness. And because of outside mind control, mostly by aliens who fear us, we do terrible things to one another. We even make war.

What most humans don't know is that we have the ability to evolve and become superior to the alien beings that may have helped create us. We can exist on both planes, either in these bodies, or out of them. Most of us leave our bodies at night when we sleep and enter the spiritual world, although few of us have yet learned how to consciously do this during waking hours. And we have superior brains. We have the mental ability to collectively create or destroy our own universe. We may have been an experiment gone amuck. Perhaps we are the Frankenstein monster that the aliens wish they never created. And perhaps, like the Frankenstein monster, we escaped from the laboratory.

This might be the primary reason the aliens visit us now. They come to not only inhabit us but to watch and control us. This is why the angels live among us, constantly putting concepts and ideas in our heads that keep us under control. They have made us believe in an external "creator" or god who we must worship and fear, so that we never discover who we really are. Some of us are evolving anyway. Because of the discovery of remote viewing and other factors, certain people are walking the planet today who are "waking up." We are elevating our frequency and discovering the truth about who and what we are.

Area 51 exists because, in those desperate years in which we lived under the threat of the atomic bomb, America and Russia were in a state of constant suspicion and guard against each other. We called it the Cold War. The leaders of both nations knew that they could destroy the world at the push of a button. Nobody wanted to start World War III. The stand-off was so tense that our military was willing to go to extremes to get the upper edge over the Russians.

Most of the alien craft that fly in our skies are extremely unstable. They are capable of moving at fantastic speeds, surpassing the speed of light. Thus they can travel through time and even pass through solid mass. But as amazing as these machines are, they have trouble flying through the atmosphere of Earth. When here, they become very unstable. This is why they make such unexpected movements, darting around in the sky and doing things a normal human-made aircraft could never do. I once saw a UFO hang suspended in the sky, just over my head, and then without warning, dart off to the horizon at lightning speed until it was out of sight in mere seconds. And, yes, it is true, that some of them have crashed while visiting our world.

Area 51, then, became a secret government laboratory where the wreckage of crashed UFOs and the bodies of dead aliens were taken. There, some of our best scientists did reverse engineering on the parts of the wrecked craft, actually recreating working machines that would fly. The stealth bomber and several other
new aircraft, some so sophisticated they cannot be manned, are a direct result of the engineering discoveries made at Groom Lake.

Our military believed that these craft might give us superiority over the Russians. Because these machines could move at speeds faster than light, they were time machines. Military leaders realized that if America would find a way to fly them and send a pilot back through time, we could rule the world. If we could alter events in the past, we could control and change conditions in the present.

The problem was that no human could live at the accelerated speeds these aircraft moved, nor could they survive the ordeal of going so fast the machines could pass though solid matter. While the aircraft flew on, the pilot was atomized into a million pieces. Our bodies are too dense to survive the conditions that exist in a machine that moves like this.

Thus it was that our military embarked on a bold experiment in genetic engineering, long before the technique was ever known by the general public. Government scientists succeeded in crossing alien DNA with human DNA to produce a strange cross-breed of part-human, part-alien. The experiment was partly successful, but a failure just the same. The creatures that developed were females. All of the males died before they reached puberty. Like the mule, a cross between a horse and a donkey, the new species was incapable of replicating itself. Thus it was not possible to begin a new and advanced race of people capable of living on this planet and flying these extreme new types of aircraft.

While the new breed of species at Groom Lake had amazing intelligence and bodies radically different than our own, the women apparently refused to cooperate with the government. They refused to be sacrificed as test pilots in craft that normal humans could not fly.

The remnant of this sick experiment still lives in an underground bunker at or near Area 51, my source tells me. The women there are strange, pale humanoid types, with blue veins protruding from their bodies. They are extremely intelligent and communicate telepathically. We know this because my psychic contact talks to them regularly. They know him as "The One." They are excited to know that someone in the world can speak to them from any distance by mere thought. But they say they know who and what they are and they want to die.