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Beware The Beeper Rebellion!


By James Donahue

April 25, 2005


Those noisy nuisance back-up beepers on public vehicles are about to be challenged by the Luciferians.


An estimated nine million listeners heard Luciferian Radio host Aaron C. Donahue propose a peculiar revolution against what he termed senseless noise pollution during his April 24 show.


Don’t be surprised if you begin hearing the sound of back-up beepers all over town, and operating night and day for a while.


Donahue said these devices are very small, they are inexpensive, they are loud, and they can be bought in any Walmart, Radio Shack and most hardware stores in the United States, where public operated trucks, heavy equipment and school buses are required by law to use them.


They are battery operated, can run on either car batteries or portable 9-volt batteries, and can even be converted to run on household current.


The grating sound of these beepers is battering peace and solitude for people everywhere there is construction work, trash being picked up, or school buses carrying children. It goes on all day, most days of the week. And Donahue says it is unnecessary.


“What makes them think that we don’t know a big truck is about to back over us?” he asked. “Why do we need these obnoxious beepers to tell us what we already know?”


He suggested that radio listeners who agree with him might buy a few beepers for their personal use, mount them on their cars, or even carry them when out for a walk.


“You could mount eight or nine of them on your cars, and back up often,” he said. “There is nothing illegal about this. Just don’t break any laws and remember that you are out there to promote safety,” he said.


“We need to condition these Pavlovian dogs to behave. If we put beepers on vehicles and have enough of them, maybe we will see some new laws prohibiting them. This is noise pollution. And if they want noise pollution, lets give them noise pollution,” Donahue said.


Donahue said Luciferians need to learn to stand up and seek justice because “the meek will not inherit the world. We need people with balls to stand up every time there is injustice. When you do it, you might have trouble, but I guarantee that you will also be respected.


“We are on a planet of compromisers. Most people are spineless. So we need to teach them how ridiculous the back-up beeper is.”


Donahue said that because Americans are law-suit crazy, he added the following: “The aforementioned segment is for information purposes only. We do not advocate the breaking of any state, federal, or local laws regarding any such activity.”