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Women Threatened With All-Male Future World


By James Donahue

April 25, 2005


The women of the world have been living under religious suppression for so long they have forgotten how to stand up for social and spiritual equality.


This was the message by psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue and his sister Jennifer L. Sharpe during their Sunday afternoon Luciferian Radio Internet broadcast.


Now that Pope Benedict XVI has taken the throne at the Vatican, Donahue predicts that the suppression will intensify, especially for world Catholics. And with right-wing Christians in control of the United States government, the emphasis will also be on the saving of human life at all cost.


“Human life does not matter on a dying planet,” Donahue told his audience. “We need billions of humans to die if we want to have a chance.”


Donahue and Sharpe scolded women of the world for failing to stand up as equals to men. They noted that women did a good job of battling for the right to vote and hold jobs alongside men on the work force in many parts of the world, but they stopped there.


“Until women have spiritual equality they are not free,” Donahue said. “The men still are in control of the churches. All of the gods have penises.”


The two warned that women need to break from the yoke they have borne for the past 3,000 years and take their place alongside men in the new Luciferian movement.


They have called for a banishment of all marriage contracts and suggested that women break away from their husbands if necessary so they can achieve spiritual growth.


“Love is harsh. It has nothing to do with pity. Conditional love is evil. There are no conditions with love. We do not subjugate love unto ourselves. Set it free and it will build you. Restrict it and it will destroy you,” Donahue said.


Donahue and Sharpe warned that the men, who are in control of governments and religious circles, are rushing the world toward World War III.


“In war, the women die first,” Donahue said. “The men dominate the science world. They have created the technology to replicate themselves, but not you. They have created the artificial womb so they no longer need women to exist. So you are obsolete. This has happened because you didn’t stand up.


“If you don’t cut it out you are going away,” he warned. “I am trying to save you but I need your help.”