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Aaron: World Poised For War


By James Donahue

April 24, 2005


The choice of Germany’s Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to be the next Roman Catholic Pope has helped set the stage for World War III, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue told his radio audience Sunday.


Even as the Catholics were holding a special mass for the installation of Pope Benedict XVI, Donahue was declaring this man will be “one of the most sexually repressive popes in human history. The Catholic Church has gone back into the dark ages.”


Donahue said that Cardinal Ratzinger, when serving under Pope John Paul II, attempted to sweep the evils of church priest pedophilia under the rug. He referred to media coverage as a “planned campaign that over stated the problem” of molestation of children by the priests.


“This pope will cause a wave of sexual repression against women. We are going to see men and women all over the world in battle with each other. This always pre-empts a world war,” he said.


Pope Benedict XVI takes the reigns of the church at a critical time when members are wrestling with the questions of birth control, big families in an already overpopulated world, the desire by priests to marry, and a stronger role for women in church affairs.


Nothing will change. If anything, this Pope’s ultra conservative stance will only serve to split the church and intensify the problems leading the world into war over dwindling natural resources.


Two other key world leaders are also going to help launch this war, Donahue warned. They are U. S. President George W. Bush and Taiwan President President Chen Shui-bian, both born-again “Armageddonists” that believe a world war is necessary so Jesus will return.


Bush has promised the United States will support Taiwan if China attacks the island in an effort to preserve Taiwan as part of China. The Taiwanese want independence.


Donahue believes events now going on in Taiwan could be a catalyst for launching a war between the United States and China.


He said war is not necessary.


“As a psychic, I say that if we go to war with China we will lose it. It is all happening like a cheap B-rated movie script. But it is a choice. If we can wake up enough people we could still head this off.


"The probabilities are high that we will have World War III,” Donahue said.