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Preparing To Resist The Coming Plague


By James Donahue

April 18, 2005


Clean bodies, clean homes, exercise, meditation and a careful regime of diet with vitamins and nutrients were promoted on Luciferian Talk Radio as a way of boosting personal immune systems and preparing to deal with a looming cloud of deadly diseases bearing down on mankind.


This was the remedy suggested for listeners by radio hosts Aaron C. Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe during the Sunday, April 17 Internet Radio broadcast.


Donahue, who has a background in medicine, and Sharpe, who trained in vitamins and minerals and works in the health food industry, said that a positive attitude and a good healthy lifestyle will be the best defense against the various diseases that they see coming our way as early as next winter.


“There is a large number of super bugs out there and if you get them, you die,” Donahue warned. “More and more of them are emerging as our planet warms.”


He said he believes the avian flu, or H5N1, now being carried around the globe in migrating birds, seems to be one of the primary candidates for a pandemic. “Something like this will kill a lot of people. But I don’t see just one thing,” Donahue said.


He said there are some basic things everybody can do to prepare for the looming assault on humanity. “It will take you from three to four months to get yourself ready and it involves a lot of work. They are practical things that you need to pay close attention to over the next three to four years.”


The defense plan:


--Wash hands regularly with a mild germicidal soap. They recommended a more powerful cleaner under the brand name anti-microbial Microsan E-2 in the midst of an outbreak or when traveling. It kills strep, flu, staph, E-coli, salmonella and a host of other bugs.


--Keep fingernails carefully manicured and clean. Train yourself not to touch your face. The area under the fingernails are warm, moist places like little Petri dishes, where bacteria can flourish. Donahue compared a dirty germ-laden fingernail to a dirty needle that gives you constant inoculations of germs every time the finger touches the eye, the nose or other sensitive parts of the face.


--Keep toenails clean and trimmed, and keep the feet washed regularly and clean. The extremities of the body are points where bad bugs can make their entrance to the body.


--Take care of the skin. Keep it moist and supple, and make sure that cuts or breaks are healed as quickly as possible. Use skin moisturizers, but make sure they do not contain alcohol.


--Maintain good tooth and gum health. Brush the teeth at least twice daily and change the toothbrush often. Use a non-alcoholic mouth wash since alcohol damages the gums.


--Eat healthy. Stay away from junk food and especially processed sugars. Maintain a positive mental state when eating.


--Take vitamins and minerals, but use them smartly. Donahue will be issuing a book soon that will explain in detail how to get on this daily regime. If anxious to get started, download the April 17 show and listen carefully to his verbal recommendations. Take notes. 


--Exercise regularly, and spend time in the sun.


--Meditate to relieve stress and achieve balance in both mind and body.


--Wear cotton clothing to achieve the right polarity in the body.


--Get good sleep. Build a sleep chamber that isolates you from noise and electronic pollution, and sleep with your feet turned to the south. Sleep alone if possible. Donahue will be issuing a book soon that gives details for building the sleep chamber.


--Maintain a healthy sex life.


--If possible remove all carpeting in the home. Carpeting is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.


For more detail go to and download the April 17 broadcast from station archives.