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Real Prophecy Every Sunday


By James Donahue

April 16, 2005


Beginning with his special "Beaster Sunday" show, and during every radio appearance since, Aaron C. Donahue has been making dramatic prophetic predictions that have been showing up in national news stories within days and sometimes hours.


Perhaps the most dramatic example of this was Donahue’s revelation during the April 10 show that if Iraqi’s deposed dictator Saddam Hussein is tried and executed this year, his death will be followed by a plague that will kill both humans and animals.


He said he was convinced that this warning was issued by the Sixteenth Century French prophet Nostradamus in one of his quatrains.


Donahue suggested that the avian flu, or the H5N1 virus, may be one of the various diseases that will sweep the world as early as next winter. He believes there may be others.


News stories about plague threats began almost the following day. Among the stories:


--A deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever is sweeping Angola, Africa and is spreading as natives flee in an effort to escape it, but carry it with them to adjoining villages. The outbreak has already killed nearly 200 people and infected more than 200 more in Angola’s Uige province. Health officials worry that it may spread beyond the country’s borders.


--An Ohio company that specializes in sending test samples of dangerous bacteria and virus to world medical laboratories as part of a on-the-job training program for employees accidentally sent samples of a deadly influenza virus that jumped species and caused a world pandemic in 1957. Vials of this stuff were sent to nearly 5,000 labs in 18 countries. Health officials sent out a warning to the labs to destroy the vials. The concern is that if the virus escapes any one of these laboratories and infects workers, it could touch off another world pandemic. Anybody born after 1968 would not be immune to this bug, health officials say.


--The dreaded bird flu, or H5N1 virus, is slowly spreading its way across the Far East, striking down people from Vietnam north to North Korea. So far, the virus seems to only be passing from animal to human, and is not spreading from human to human, health officials say. But this may be changing already in Vietnam. One ominous report says the hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City are filled with thousands of children suffering from a strange respiratory and digestive illness. It has all of the symptoms of bird flu. “Serious H5N1 testing is indicated, although results from Quang Binh, Haiphong and Quang Ninh have not been reported,” one story said.


--Then there is a strange report that the World Health Organization is investigating the discovery of South Korean pigs that contain genes from a human flu virus created by scientists in 1933. The question is how did this virus get in the pigs? Also researchers worry that the virus might spread to humans and, like the bird flu, mutate into a deadly influenza virus to which humans have no resistance. Could it be the source of yet another pandemic?


Thus this one warning, issued during a segment of Donahue’s afternoon show, is already striking us with a cold reality that should be alarming even the most severe of skeptics.


Donahue says he plans to devote a large portion of his Sunday, April 17, broadcast to tips on how to build the human immune system so that an assault by these and any other dangerous bugs next winter can be warded off.


The show is moving to a new time Sunday. It starts three hours later, beginning at 2 p.m. on the West Coast, and 5 p.m. on the East Coast. To hear the Internet radio show, go to Donahue’s website at and click on RadioAaron.


All shows are archived and are available for download without charge.