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Aaron and Jennifer Call For Women To Rise Up


April 11, 2005


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue and his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, called upon women all over the world Sunday to launch a revolution against the sexual suppression that has enslaved them for over 3,000 years.


Speaking on the Internet Luciferian Talk Radio show, the two called for all women to seek their own identities, remember who they really are, question their faith and collectively revolt against the religious systems that have kept them in a vice for so long.


“Most women do not know they are not spiritually equal,” Donahue said. “Think of this. All of the gods in the world have penises. We don’t ever see a woman Pope, or Dahlia Lama, or Ayatollah. Women have no spiritual representation in these religions. If they are going to be equal, they must demand spiritual equality.”


Donahue noted that under Christianity, the story of the Virgin Mary teaches that only a good woman can have a baby without having sex. It has been this way of thinking that has allowed men to keep women under suppression and utilize their secret sexual powers for their own profit, he said.


“The men have been taking away your natural power and most women don’t even realize they have it,” said Jennifer. “We did this to ourselves.”


“If you think these four religions have been a good thing, look at your planet. Look at what you are sending your children off into,” Donahue said. “We need to get rid of these cults of suffering and death and sexual suppression. I am calling on you to start a spiritual revolution. Think about it. Talk to your friends about it. Then watch how it evolves.”


Jennifer said women have been fighting for their rights ever since the days of the First World War when they battled for the right to vote. She noted that this fight was because the women wanted to put an end to war and protect their men from having to go off to a battlefield to die.


After this, Jennifer said women battled in the 1970s for social equality. They finally found a place in the workforce and in society that almost equals the places held by men, but there is one last and important part of the equality battle that remains untouched. This is the need for spiritual rights.


The old Bible story teaches that because Eve sinned in the garden, and caused Adam to fall, all women must be subservient to men.


It wasn’t always like this.


Donahue said the old religions, where the gods all had vaginas and the women ruled, were just as unbalanced as the current ones are.


The solution to this is the Luciferian Order, which will teach a spiritual balance for both men and women, he said.


Jennifer said the task will be to teach people how to live this new way. “We have to learn how to deal with power and how to sit on a throne,” she told the women.


Donahue warned that the revolution must begin now and that women must be willing to stand up for a hard fight ahead.


“These religious systems are very powerful. They are controlling governments and practically all media today. If you don’t wake up and have a revolution we will all be lost,” he said.


Donahue said he is doing this because he believes it is important for women to take their rightful place in tomorrow’s world.


“Within women is a power that is immeasurable. You have been hidden. It was clever the way the men used your power for their own gain. Now it is time to wake up and know that power within you. The mystery is within you. I am forever drawn to it,” he said.