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Aaron Scores Another Prophetic Hit


By James Donahue

April 2005


About five years ago our son Aaron C. Donahue made some interesting predictions about future events that I turned into a story on my old website.


He talked about a line of severe hurricanes and tropical storms that would strike the Atlantic coast and cause severe flooding. Donahue said there would be 12 storms classified as hurricanes for that year. All 12 storms occurred as he said they would. Also his prediction of flooding could not have been more accurate.


He said there was going to be a new sexually transmitted disease somewhat like AIDS that would be worse than AIDS. It has taken a while, but that prediction is beginning to come true. Medical people say a new type of AIDS has hit the United States that is turning into full blown AIDS within weeks instead of years.


The third prediction that I clearly recall was the one about a Japanese manufacturer that was going to produce a device that sends virtual reality messages directly into the brain. The device would be made for its entertainment value, but Donahue said it would be a precursor to linking the human brain with a computer matrix for future escape into robotic machines when the Earth gets too hot.


Guess what. Sony Corporation has just developed a device that can create “transcranial magnetic brain stimulation” through rapidly changing magnetic fields that induce currents in brain tissue. The device is supposed to work without the use of wires attached to the head. It is supposed to eventually be developed for use with movies and computer games, giving the player the senses of smell, taste and even the feel of things.


Sony is looking at this device for use not only with electronic entertainment, but for assisting the blind and deaf, and perhaps for a variety of other medical uses.


And then there is that final use that Donahue has perceived, the transmission of the human brain into the computer matrix. This, he warns, will be an escape for humans when the planet resources are gone, the air is too foul to breathe, the water is evaporated, and the surface of the planet is too hot to support life.


That old story was erased when I changed web hosts shortly after it was written and filed. But Donahue has repeated his predictions since then during various radio interviews. The last time he talked about the way people would escape from their bodies into machines was during his last Coast to Coast interview with Art Bell on Feb. 15, 2004.


That interview is still in the Coast to Coast files and available for download. You also can hear it by going to Aaron’s website at and clicking on Media.