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The Spiritual Hunger That Needs To Be Fed


By James Donahue

April 2005


Last week as Pope John Paul II lay dying, I found myself wondering about the thousands of people gathering at St. Peter’s Square within Vatican City to pray and stare up at the blank windows of those imposing buildings of the massive basilica.


Just what is it, I thought, that would inspire a person to leave their home or job and go stand in such a crowd at a time when some famous person like a Pope, or government leader is dying or gravely ill? Why would they feel it so important that they disrupt their normal lives to join such a crowd in prayer, or simply being there?


It was Aaron C. Donahue who answered my thoughts during his April 3 radio broadcast. Speaking of what he called a “sea of people,” Donahue said they were  there “because they are spiritually hungry.”


Donahue told his audience that he has made numerous out-of-body visits to this place. “I am an expert concerning the spiritual nature of what goes on inside the Vatican.


“I don’t think I’ve ever felt such abandonment . . . such hopelessness . . .  such spiritual negativity ever in my life. This is where you find something completely wrong with religion. It is the very core of it,” he said. “There is not one single priest at the Vatican that knows a thing about spirituality. None of them are psychics. Now the leader that represented the great lie is dead.”


Donahue said he saw the Pope’s death at this time as a very good thing because it “marks a new era of spiritual freedom for us all.”


Aaron’s sister, Jennifer Sharpe explained: “The Catholic Church is in trouble because of all the scandals. They will want to put somebody conservative in there. It will mean more oppression for women. But it will free people because people are going to get fed up with it. People will not find sanctuary there anymore and they will be turning away from it.”


“There is a time when the dark one comes and it will end this religion once and for all,” Aaron told his audience. “There is a final pope coming and that final pope will destroy (the church).”


He said he will talk more about this final pope on another show.


Because the Catholic Church is now in chaos, still buckling under the scandals of the molestations of young boys by priests and now without its leader, Donahue said it is “an opportunity for (the Luciferians) to rise up and provide something new.


“Ours is not a cult of suffering, death and misery. We offer a way to look within yourself and find personal spirituality. We are talking about the divinity within.”


“We are not a religion,” said Jennifer. “If anything, we are an anti-religion because we don’t believe in religion. We offer someplace else to go to instead than the four great religions.”


Donahue added that while it is not a religion, it is an order that is very structured in its makeup. He said that as a psychic he sees the Luciferian Order growing to eventually encompass all of the world religious systems.


“This is not a threat, it is a good thing. It will take time to get used to it because people have been programmed by angelic powers for thousands of years to fear it.”


He said this order is a spiritual path in which people learn to control and take care of their bodies, then repair their minds. These things need to be done before the individual can expand mental powers, turn on the two hemispheres of the brain, and begin developing advanced global-brain functioning.


To help achieve this, Donahue said he is writing a series of books and establishing a musical and instructional program. He hopes by the end of the year to be traveling around the world, teaching and bringing the musical tones of Lucifer into the hearts of seekers.


For now, he invited all interested people to tune into his Internet radio show every Sunday for spiritual teachings and insight.


To hear the show, go to Starting time is 11 a.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. Eastern. Tapes of all shows are archived on the site for free downloads.