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Aaron: “Pope John Paul II Was Afraid”


By James Donahue

April 4, 2005


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue said he read the final thoughts of Pope John Paul II in the moments prededing his death and discovered something shocking: the man was “confused and scared,” and he questioned his faith.


“His last thoughts were that he had to keep up the image. He worried that people would see fear in him. That they would see that he doesn’t believe. He was questioning his faith.”


Donahue said he was able to tune into these final thoughts while taking a trip out of his body in the midst of his Sunday afternoon Internet radio show, as thousands of listeners were tuned in.


“Spiritually, he was quite a shallow man . . . very shallow . . . there is nothing there,” Donahue reflected as he examined the corpse and looked into the collective to study the Pope’s final thoughts.


Donahue said that the thoughts of people are all kept, like photographs and tape recordings, somewhere in the collective. Once the person dies, however, there is no more data put into the collective library of information.


Donahue said he was hovering above the body, looking down at the corpse of Pope John Paul II, as robed priests surrounding it were praying.


“He is draped in red. He is wearing beautiful brown shoes. He is in the king’s position, lying face up on a slab at about waist level.”


Before the radio show ended, a listener confirmed much of Donahue’s description of the scene by producing a CNN photograph of the Pope lying in state. He was wearing a red robe with a broad white stripe down the front. His shoes were protruding out from under the robe. He was lying face up on what appeared to be a marble slab.


“This Pope was a charlatan. He deceived millions of people with a false and destructive religious system. John Paul was a social criminal. He encouraged overpopulation on a dying planet. He did nothing to help women gain spiritual equality,” Donahue said.


Donahue predicted that a final pope would be coming soon. He would be the “final dark Pope. How this man ends the Catholic Church is very interesting,” Donahue said. “But this is something we will talk about in another show.”