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Hocus Pope-up

Aaron Marks The Start Of A New Era Today


By James Donahue


Aaron C. Donahue and Jennifer Sharpe return to Internet radio today with a special program marking the death of “Hocus Pope-up John Paul II” and the beginning of a new era of spiritual freedom.


Donahue maintains that Pope John Paul has been a social criminal who has encouraged the final surge of world overpopulation during the 26 long years he has remained in office. This pope also has been in the way of needed world change so that some humans might survive the disaster that lies in the future.


You won’t want to miss this show because Donahue promises some important predictions about the immediate future.


His topics, as published today on his website at, include: “The final Pope, Fatima, the death of Mabus, and potential pandemics that loom.


Also on the topic list:


--Introduction of Lucifer to the world.

--A successful mind probe case.

--The truth about telekinesis, remote influencing, and healing.


The RadioAaron show starts every Sunday at 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific Time. Go to Donahue’s website and click on RadioAaron to listen. Shows are posted in an archive about a day or two later, for those who can’t listen on Sunday.