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Why Is Coast-To-Coast Still Promoting Ed Dames?


By James Donahue

March 30, 2005


We can’t help but shake our heads at the front page posting on the March 29 Coast to Coast website.


This article with map, boasting that remote viewer Ed Dames accurately predicted Monday’s 8.7 earthquake in Indonesia during his January 1 radio appearance with Art Bell, appears to be a frantic attempt to achieve one verifiable hit without Aaron C. Donahue working in the shadows.


Since the time that Aaron left Ed Dames he has not achieved this success. Yet Aaron C. Donahue has achieved several successes like the prediction of President Bush being re-elected in 2004, as foretold in a previous Coast-to-Coast show.


Dames, titled "Dr. Doom" by program host Art Bell, seems to be making some peculiar predictions that can, on occasion, cause a disruption of people's lives. A number of people moved to Whitefish, Montana, for example, because they were told it would be a sanctuary from a coming world event according to Dames. This event never happened. 


Among the predictions Dames has made:

Planet X flying through our Solar System and causing the Earth to tilt, an alien pathogen that was supposed to kill all of the grass, a nuclear exchange by North Korea that would kick off World War III, and a “solar kill shot” that would wipe out half of the world’s population in one flash.


None of the above predictions has happened and Donahue says they never will. Dames now claims he has discovered how to accurately find anything in the world with a technique developed by his new partner, Brent Miller. He promised to prove it by showing up at Bell’s door in December, 2004, with a cache of recovered gold. When the deadline came and passed, Dames returned to the show with a story about finding gold flecks, and that he was prevented from finding the real gold deposit because someone built a house right on top of the payload. Oh my.


He promised Bell that he would return this month with gold, but to date, we have not seen hide-nor-hair of Dames. We will see.


To remedy the Christian prejudice and censorship in many media forms today, Donahue has launched his own Internet radio show at


The radio show began with limited bandwidth for listeners the first week. Since then it has been growing so fast that producers have been scrambling to add enough bandwidth to let everybody in. Listeners are now counted in the thousands and growing, while visitors to Donahue’s website at, where show archives are stored, are reaching the hundreds of thousands. 


Small wonder that comments by Aaron can rattle the rafters at Coast to Coast, which boasts to be the biggest commercially produced radio show in the world. Donahue believes live Internet radio shows will eventually become more popular than any of the censored A.M. radio programs under FCC rules.  He is on the ground floor of the live Internet radio phenomenon and his show is beginning to make an impact the world over.


Donahue said: "Thanks to the recent mainstream media censorship of my work I am reaching hundreds of thousands of people via the Internet radio phenomenon."


Donahue did not take kindly to radio host George Noory’s unprofessionalism during a 2003 appearance on Coast to Coast. Instead of asking the pre-arranged questions that Donahue was prepared for, Noory laced into Donahue’s Luciferian concepts with his own hard-line Christian agenda. Because Donahue knows his subject well, Noory's effort failed to discredit Donahue. Instead, Donahue gained a large number of people who now question their Christian faith.


By contrast, Bell, during a 2004 interview with Aaron, displayed the professionalism that he has always shown to his guests.


Even though the two shows drew a high number of listeners, Donahue seems to have been blackballed from any further appearances. While nobody is saying it, Donahue believes he is bucking Christian prejudice. 


Dames gained a reputation as a remote viewer on Donahue’s data, but never acknowledged this fact. It was Donahue’s work that brought Dames to Hollywood to appear in Suspect Zero, a film about a remote viewer. It also was Donahue’s work that brought Dames to Japan to appear in a popular television show. Dames appeared in the movie. Donahue, the real star, was expected to appear but his portion of the show was cut because of his Luciferian perspective. Dames was paid well for the Japan appearances. Donahue, who appeared with Dames and did the work, was not paid a dime.


Now Dames is repeatedly invited back on Coast to Coast, because he still claims a Christian belief, but Donahue, who is the true psychic and remote viewer in this story, is likely blocked from the show because he is a Luciferian.


Visit Donahue’s website today and carefully examine his amazing work. He is one of the only remote viewers in the world who details his work in full display prior to an event.


He also explains in graphic detail why Dames was cleverly misleading radio listeners when he claimed a second major quake in Indonesia during March. It seems this area of the world is on an active fault line where quakes are so common, they are happening almost every day.