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The Luciferian Language Of Music


By James Donahue

March 2005


When Aaron C. Donahue spent several months in 2003 evoking the 72 Spirits of the Goetia on the spooky upper floor of an old Masonic Temple, and using his skill as an advanced PAN viewer to visualize and draw their portraits, he received another unexpected gift.


As each spirit made its appearance, Donahue said it was accompanied by a tone. He has memorized all 72 tones.


Donahue has discovered that the 72 Tones of the Goetia are a key for unlocking the secrets of the “forgotten father” Lucifer. He refers to Lucifer in this way because he says the human race has forgotten its true origin . . . that we are all the children of Lucifer.


He believes that arranging the tones in a certain way create a beautiful song that when sung evokes the real name of the progenitor we call Lucifer.


It was Lucifer who came to Earth from the stars and manipulated the DNA of the native humanoid primates existing here. The act turned us from apes to men. From that day on, we became aware of ourselves and began building monuments.


Early humans did not forget that they were Lucifer’s children. The primitive tribal rites of the world still include traces of this memory. But over the centuries, as we have progressed and fallen prey to angelic inspired religious belief systems, we forgot our roots. We accepted the lie that Lucifer was a fallen angel turned into a wicked red-cloaked entity with horns and a tail, plotting to snatch the souls of men for eternal damnation.


Now, as the world reels toward a destructive conclusion, it is time for a remnant of mankind to awaken before all of Lucifer’s work is lost, Donahue says. But the stakes are high. Humans, caught up in religious fervor all over the world, are nearly at the point of launching a global nuclear war. An overpopulated world is using up all available resources, polluting the air, land and seas, and plunging us on a path toward extinction, perhaps within the lifetime of many people alive today.


But Donahue has a plan to capture that remnant needed to regenerate our species and retain not only the collective memory of who we are and what we did, but salvage the very human soul that exists within the planet.


He is establishing a spiritual order that he calls Luciferianism, although he insists it is not a religion or a cult. Luciferianism is a movement of a select number of people toward eventual contact with Lucifer. Before they can face Lucifer, however, Donahue believes all participants must develop advanced brain functions, follow a spiritual path and raise their personal frequencies above the claptrap hum of the masses of humanity.


He believes that the best way to teach this information is through a special music that will utilize all 72 Tones of the Goetia. The music, coupled with special lighting and ritual, will “ignite hearts” and put everyone present in the altered state of consciousness everyone seeks, but cannot reach because of the world’s angelic-inspired war on drugs. This altered state, Donahue says, is needed so people can learn quickly how to wake up the two hemispheres of their brains and teach them to work together for mental and spiritual growth.


Thus Donahue wants to open “temples,” or concert halls throughout Europe, Asia and South America where he can introduce music, art, theater and other combined forms of entertainment for public development. In Sunday’s radio show, he called upon listeners to seek and donate old Masonic Halls, schools and other buildings suitable for use as temples so the work can begin.


Because of the extreme right-wing “Christian” climate controlling the United States government and media at this time, Donahue knows that if temples are opened, they will face stiff opposition. Thus the organization will need good legal counsel and security to help conduct these battles.


“You might say that the evocation of our forgotten father of light can be written within a song,” Donahue wrote this week on his website. “The entity can be seen utilizing certain frequencies of light, color, sound, trance and words that ceremoniously evoke imagery. A required altered state can be safely achieved with existing technologies without the use of illegal substances such as LSD and THC.”


The temples, Donahue writes, will be places where “people of all ages can enjoy a most bizarre and exciting form of music/theater. I will travel to each temple along with a band/theatrical group in order to perform and teach.”


Within hours after posting this message, the reaction was positive. Many writers expressed interest in either helping in the music and performances, and others said they knew of buildings that were available for use as “temples.”


Expect to hear more about this project on Aaron’s weekly Sunday radio program at His live show can be heard at 11 a.m. Pacific or 2 p.m. Eastern in the United States. The show is archived and MP3 downloads are free.