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Aaron Reveals Crucifixion Hoax During “Beaster” Special


By James Donahue

March 27, 2005


As a highlight of his Sunday “Beaster” Special Internet radio show, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue gave shocking graphic details about the both the birth and death of Jesus that knocked the pillars out from under the Christian Church.


Donahue, a practitioner of sexual magick, announced that he also summoned forth a demonic spirit “to oversee the operations of the show” and take care of other spiritual matters.


Donahue, an advanced PAN remote viewer who can examine both past and future events with startling clarity, said he has examined the life and death of Jesus and finds that the story portrayed by the church has been a complete fabrication.


Jesus was not resurrected, Donahue said. Instead Jesus appears to have been murdered and his body rotted in a grave.


His data on this matter, now posted on his website at, shows the bones of a man lying face down. Structures that appear to be a Roman building opposed on the other side of the grave by a Jewish temple symbolize a political killing involving a plot between both factions.


“The face down corpse of Christ buried in a shallow grave may indicate the hurried work of an assassin,” Donahue writes.


He said the Roman and Hebrew leaders concocted the story of Jesus rising from the dead, making a god figure out of him, as a way of covering up their crime and dividing the people. The ruse worked so well it grew to be a major and overpowering world religion that has enslaved millions of followers for over 2,000 years.


He said the drawing also shows some odd markings over the grave that, from upside down, show the Hebrew word “sheqer.” Sheqer means “a lie,” Donahue said.


Thus we have an invisible epitaph over the grave of Christ that tells the full story.


The story of the “Virgin Mary” is as equally perverted, Donahue said.


He said his study of the birth of Jesus reveals that Mary was a woman that enjoyed sex, and at the time of her engagement to Joseph, was carrying a child by another man. She was no virgin.


The word “virgin” in the old Hebrew means “young woman,” and does not refer to a woman with a hymen intact, Donahue said.


The old Hebrew law at that time, however, condemned Mary’s “sinful act” to such an extreme, had she been found out, she would have been stoned in the public square. Because he wished to protect Mary, Joseph concealed the truth, and concocted the story about a miracle virgin birth. It saved her life.


The angelic dream was an angelic intervention, Donahue said.


In other words, Jesus was an illegitimate child who caused political problems and was murdered by Hebrew and Roman leadership.