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Donahue Calls For Termination Of Marriage


By James Donahue

March 2005


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue has called for a termination of marriages and families as we know them because of extreme changes occurring on our dying planet.


The disbanding of marriages is only part of a total change proposed in family values.


“Our purpose for sex and love on our dying planet is no longer needed for having children,” he said during his March 20 radio broadcast. “We are not here for having children any longer.”


Donahue said there is still a need for love and partnerships, but he recommended that all partners stay together for the purpose of assisting one another in spiritual growth. “We no longer need to think in terms of owning each other. We need to love one another unconditionally.


“Look at your partner,” he said. “Is this person allowing you to spiritually grow? If not, you are with the wrong person. Do not hang out with toxic people. Be with people that make you feel good. This is not about lust. What is important is mutual spiritual growth.”


Donahue suggested that all couples “take that marriage and tear it up.”


He also called for a moratorium on pregnancies.


“In 1985 we breached the human carrying capacity of the planet,” he said. “Having a child today is a selfish act. If you have a child, you have to love it. Give it all the love you can. But that child will one day curse you for its own existence on this dying planet.”


Even though he loves children, Donahue said he does not plan to father a child. He says he would adopt a child before bringing another one into the world.


He also believes there needs to be a change in overall ways that the family operates. He said children should be the responsibility of society, not just the parents. “But our strength comes in from our immediate relationship with the family. Family members need to support one another. When someone in the family betrays you, however, that is another matter. We can never compromise,” he said


Teaching his Luciferian concepts, Donahue told his listeners they need to lead their own lives. “You are the captain of your ship. This is what it is like to be a Luciferian.”


He suggested that people turn off their television sets because the programming controls the masses in subtle ways, through skillfully designed propaganda. “That which controls your eyeballs controls your brain,” he said. He said the eye is the only part of the brain that is visible outside of the body.


Donahue also suggested that people choose games that stimulate both left and right brain functioning. This is in contrast to the movement that has been going on for thousands of years to force all people to be left brain active alone.


Donahue said the old stories about the twins that get separated, with one lost brother, is a reminder of the breakdown of the bicameral mind. Through Luciferian teaching, he said he hopes to turn this around.


“The Luciferian Order is one of hope,” he said. “It speaks out to our youth.”


Donahue said he wants to develop games designed to develop right and left brain functioning. He also called upon people around the world to purchase and donate buildings that can be used as temples for lectures and music concerts. These buildings, which should be large enough to accommodate about 300 people, can also be used for public gatherings and fellowship.


Donahue said he wants to develop musical groups that perform special music containing the 72 Tones Of Lucifer. He said these concerts will employ sound and color to help the people who attend reach altered states of consciousness.


“The music of today is dead because of the drug hysteria. The war on drugs has been a war on human consciousness. All drugs that can help you in your spiritual growth are illegal now so don’t use them. We can use legal methods to get you to that state. What we will do is legal because it doesn’t harm you in any way,” he said.