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Donahue Asks Halt In Production Of Neutron Bomb


By James Donahue

March 2005


During his radio talk on March 20, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue said he sees the U. S. military and possibly the military leadership in other countries actively working on development of what he called a “one-war” bomb.


 “It’s a neutron bomb,” he said. “You don’t want it. You need to know and talk about this. We need to stop its development. This bomb does not belong on this planet but the technology exists. As a psychic I see it in our future. It is not just another atomic or hydrogen bomb. It is a terrible weapon.”


Later in the broadcast, while discussing his belief in a need for a shift to a one-world government to head-off another world war, Donahue called upon listeners to be aware of new military technology because of growing tensions.


“The neutron bomb is a serious matter. This is not just a black budget thing that must not be talked about for security reasons. It could affect everyone on our planet.”


While Donahue refused to give any details about this bomb, or explain why he thinks it is so lethal, there is information on the web.


It appears that the concept of a neutron bomb was developed by physicist Sam Cohen and that President Richard M. Nixon actually ordered its development during the 1970s. But word of this leaked out and a world “peace movement” put enough political pressure on the government to stop its deployment.


All presidents since Nixon have worked toward a dismantling of the nuclear arsenals in both the United States and Russia. Both countries stopped production of these weapons and were in the process of destroying stockpiles of nuclear bombs and missiles until George W. Bush was elected to office.


Bush appears to have ordered the development of the neutron bomb, as well as numerous other specialized types of thermonuclear weapons that can be used in combat situations.


The neutron bomb is of interest because it delivers a small thermonuclear blast and heat, but sends off large amounts of lethal radiation. Thus it causes minimal damage to real estate, but the waves of gamma radiation it delivers can penetrate iron and concrete and destroy all living tissue within its range. Entire armies can be destroyed by a single bomb, as can entire cities, with all buildings and weaponry left intact.


Death from this kind of radiation is terrible. While people can feel its effects and be disabled within minutes, death is slow. Soldiers might lie dying on a battlefield for days.


What is worse, President Bush has been advised by Wilson C. Lucom, former assistant to the U. S. Secretary of State, that such a bomb can be used against terrorists before they have a chance to strike the United States.


According to the so-called Lucom Plan, the military could conduct a pre-emptive neutron-bomb strike against a country harboring terrorists, thus killing everyone, before they have a chance to attack the United States.


The logic behind such insanity is that it would stop the war on terrorism and reduce the cost to the United States in huge war taxes and the loss of thousands of American soldier’s lives.


Donahue spoke out against public protests and demonstrations against this bomb. “You are not free now,” he said. “That will only get you arrested.”


He suggested that listeners keep informed about the development of the neutron bomb, and get the word out via “the last bastion of freedom we have,” the World Wide Web, before this too is shut down.


In this way, he said there could be enough political pressure generated to stop the further development and use of this bomb.