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Genetic Tinkering Has Destroyed The World’s Pre-Biotic Chemistry


By James Donahue

March 2005


Ever since Monsanto and other chemical companies have been tinkering with the genetic composition of our seeds there has been an alarm by consumers from all around the world.


While Americans have mostly bent over and accepted the corporate propaganda, reinforced by government hired but corporate-controlled lackeys known as the Cooperative Extension Service, GMO foods have been banned by other nations.


Yet slowly and surely, the powerful corporations involved in the distribution of these altered hybrid crops have reached their tentacles into nearly every corner of the world, making sure that genetic altered seed is sewn even where it is not welcome.


So tenacious has the program been that farmers that erroneously received genetically altered seeds and put them in the ground, were legally prevented from replanting from the seeds produced by the crop the following year without first paying Monsanto for the rights. Litigation brought court rulings that favored corporate powers rather than the farmer, even in cases where the farmer clearly did not want the altered seed.


Now, to the horror of the farming community, it has been discovered that mutated versions of these tainted seeds are cross pollinating not only with other crops, but to their distant relatives in the wild. Thus GMO grains are infecting the natural grasses of the world. And the poison is spreading like a cancer.


Now we learn that the Chinese are planting millions of trees, genetically modified with the poison Bt to kill insects that feed on them.


While the concerns largely involve product safety and the ability of farmers to maintain plant diversity and realize a profit for their yearly labors, there is another ugly side to the GMO disaster that few people, even in the science community, are yet thinking about.


Psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue said that the intrusion of genetically altered plants and the wide-spread contamination of plants is affecting “on a molecular level the pre-biotic chemistry” of the entire planet.


This has serious implications. Donahue believes the damage is so great that the planet is no longer able to revive itself in the event of a major event that causes another mass extinction.


It was from pre-biotic chemistry that all life on Earth sprang at the start. And it is possible that the life cycle has had to restart more than once following earlier extinctions brought about by collisions of large meteorites, violent solar activity, alleged collapse of a vapor canopy or volcanism that temporarily tampered with the delicate balance of nature that sustains life.


After these events occurred, the Earth apparently had its own built-in emergency system for rekindling life through the pre-biotic chemistry that exists on molecular levels.


Donahue believes that GMO tampering and world-wide pollution from overpopulation and careless stewardship is causing the Earth to die from the inside out. The altering of this important heart of the planet’s life cycle, the pre-biotic chemistry, is literally killing it. Once the Earth dies, all life on the planet is doomed, he said. Our extinction this time will be permanent.


Donahue said NASA engineers are only now beginning to learn about pre-biotic chemistry through their exploration of Mars. He says another probe being sent to Mars by the European Space Agency will uncover more important data that will help scientists understand just how life formed on our own planet and why it failed on Mars.