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Donahue Advocates “North American Community” Concept


By James Donahue

March 17, 2005


A story in the UK Globe and Mail this week notes that a tri-national task force is calling for the United States, Canada and Mexico to cooperate in a broad security and economic plan designed to boost trade and bolster the borders of the entire North American continent.


“Our vision of North America is one of three sovereign states whose formal collaboration must reflect their mutual interdependence while respecting their differences,” said a joint statement, issued by members of The Independent Task Force on the Future of North America.


This group is on the right track but hasn’t carried the issues facing the three countries far enough, according to psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue.


Donahue, in his March 13 appearance on his new Internet radio station at, said he believes all three countries should be united as one nation.


“If we could break down those borders from Canada south into Mexico it would solve the immigration problem,” Donahue said. “It also would be a solution to our economic problems. We should bring our armies home to protect our borders, and bring back hemp as an export crop.”


Instead of pouring money into patrolling the borders between Canada and Mexico, the United States, Mexico and Canada should become one country, united for security and economic enterprise, Donahue said.


He noted that bringing the army back to the continent would not only serve to secure the borders, but stop creating world tensions overseas that invite future terrorism at home.


His third point, to remove industrial cannabis from the list of illegal crops and permit farmers to begin growing hemp again, not only as a product for industrial use at home, but for export around the world.


At one time hemp was considered such a viable crop that U.S. farmers were required to grow it for national security. Those were the days when the fibers of the hemp plant were used for making fine ropes used by ships at sea, and for the manufacture of quality paper.


Hemp also can be used to manufacture fabric. It has been found to be an excellent food source for both man and beast because it is full of protein and other things good for the body.


Hemp also has been found to have a variety of medical uses.


This amazing plant can be easily grown in just about any soil condition, grows quickly, and would be in demand.


Donahue said that to do the above list of things, and to stop burning fossil fuel, would not only help stave off a disastrous world war but buy everybody time to develop technology and prepare for alien contact in an effort to save ourselves from the effects of years of polluting and overpopulating the planet.


But Donahue said he did not have high hopes of seeing his ideas tried.