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Aaron Will Speak On AIDS Offer Sunday


By James Donahue

March 16, 2005


The world has missed out on a miracle because it failed to believe that someone could mentally look into the collective and find a cure for a disease that has evaded the experts for the past 20 years.


The world now faces the curse of the highly infective new HIV virus, which brings on full-blown AIDS within weeks instead of years, because those who could and should have responded to Aaron C. Donahue’s offer of a cure turned their back on him.


Why would they reject Donahue’s offer? Is it because he proclaims Lucifer as the father of the human race?


The masses have been brainwashed by angelic inspired Christian theology to think Lucifer is a red-cloaked, pitchfork brandishing devil with horns who steals human souls and banishes sinners to an eternity in hell.


That is an age-old lie. Nothing can be further from the truth. Lucifer is not Satan. Satan is a mythical character who does not exist.


Did Aaron really have a cure for AIDS in a folder on his desk? Could Aaron have used his skills as a psychic PAN viewer to find a cure for AIDS, Cancer, and a myriad of other heinous killers of humans? The world may never know because Aaron is destroying his data.


He will explain why he chose to do this during his broadcast Sunday, March 20, on The program, on Internet radio, begins at 2 p.m. Eastern.