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Crashed UFO Stories Were Cold War Hoaxes


By James Donahue

March 2005


The secret Groom Lake Military Base in Nevada, best known as “Area 51,” was an elaborate hoax designed to frighten the Russians during the Cold War.


This revelation was one of many disclosures by psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue during a three-hour radio presentation March 13 on Internet Radio Aaron.


“There are no UFOs at Area 51,” Donahue said. “There never have been. I have looked at that site and there is nothing there.”


Donahue said all of the stories about crashed alien ships that were recovered by the US Military and reverse engineered, with the help of aliens during the Cold War years were all part of an elaborate hoax designed to frighten the Russians.


Less familiar to UFO buffs in the United States are similar stories from Russia about new technology from reverse engineering crashed alien ships on that part of the world.


Donahue said a lot of Russian and American spies gave their lives attempting to learn the truth about these stories. If they had used remote viewers with the skills that Donahue has developed, they would have known that the stories were faked from the start.


Donahue said the sightings of UFOs in the skies all over the world, especially since the days of World War II, have kept intelligence organizations in both Russia and the United States working overhead to find out what these things were.


“Everybody knows that UFOs are real,” Donahue said. “Who doesn’t know that?”


He said the ships have been photographed, video taped, and recorded on military radar screens as well as reported by pilots, astronauts and police agencies for years.


Donahue said the concern was that if these craft were alien, that one would really crash land somewhere in the world and that enemy forces would really be able to get their hands on it, use reverse engineering, and develop a super weapon.


Thus the stories were developed in an effort to ward off the other side. Just in case.


It worked, Donahue said, mainly because there never was a crashed alien ship that anybody could ever seize. There never were captured aliens.


Donahue said the aliens that send their craft through our skies are here to find and identify people on a spiritual and mental path that qualifies them to be chosen for contact. They are not here for military conquest and they have no interest in the petty politics going on below.


“No government in the world has alien technology. The aliens will not allow us to have it,” Donahue said.