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Donahue: The World Needs Socialism


By James Donahue

March 2005


During his Sunday broadcast, Aaron C. Donahue said the new world government will be socialistic when it forms somewhere in Europe in the next few years.


He said socialism is the best form of government if it can be supported by a spiritual life. The reason Communism failed was because it lacked any form of a spiritual influence.


Donahue believes a form of spiritualism and self discipline that he calls Luciferianism, for lack of a better name, is needed to fill this void. It will not be any of the four organized religions.


Out of necessity, Donahue said he believes all organized world religions must exposed for the scams they are and shut down.


 Luciferianism is not a religion and its participants do not worship Lucifer. Instead, they perceive Lucifer as the father of the human race. They recognize the god within. They believe the Mother Earth is a sentient being and the origin of all life on this planet. Thus, as an organization, the Luciferians love and care for the Earth and work to grow mentally and spiritually so they can eventually make contact with Lucifer.   


The human masses demonstrated their inability to govern themselves under the democratic system, Donahue said.


He noted that the election of President George W. Bush by the people of the United States for two consecutive terms is an example of where a democracy can turn when the mob rules.


“We have an illiterate man in the White House because the majority of the people voted for someone to represent themselves,” he said.


“We have demonstrated in America that we cannot handle freedom so our freedom is now being taken away,” Donahue said.


He said the Constitution has been severely dismantled since 911 and new laws were passed that stripped away many of the freedoms that people once enjoyed. He said the Constitution must be destroyed because it is getting in the way of forming a one-world government.


Donahue predicted that the democratic form of governments are failing all around the world, in spite of the media spin that has been supporting the Bush Administration’s democratic agenda in the Middle East.