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Deadline For AIDS Cure Expires In 2 Days


By James Donahue

March 14, 2005


When Aaron C. Donahue made his offer to help the world erase the dreaded HIV virus and eliminate this curse, he said that as a psychic he already knew that he would be ignored.


But he made the offer anyway, posting it on his heavily visited website and the story was posted at the same time on this site.


Donahue, who has a strong medical background, said he found a solution to curing AIDS and asked for contact by anyone willing to help in its development.


But there was a caveat. Aaron's offer included a deadline. He said he would give the world just 30 days to respond.


While we know that people in high government places read both sites (we can track our readers too) they proved Aaron right. Nobody bothered to contact Donahue. There hasn’t been a single question about his discovery. It is as if no matter what he can accomplish through his especially developed form of remote viewing called PAN, no one dares to approach Donahue because of his Luciferian views.


Banned from all public radio and television talk shows after dynamic appearances in both the US and Japan, Donahue has been forced to open his own web based radio that now airs every Sunday afternoon on He has a message for the world and needs to be heard. The show is financed and hosted by a special benefactor identified as “Steve O.”


It was during the March 13 radio show that Donahue revealed that his AIDS offer has been totally ignored. He said he would wait out the 30 days, which expires two more days.


When the deadline passes: “I plan to burn my data." He will tell everyone why he burned it on next week's radio show. "After that I won't speak of it again,” he said.


But Donahue said that from this day on, when he sees AIDS patients suffering and dying, he will think only in terms of how this was meant to be.


There will be many deaths from AIDS in the months ahead because a virulent new form of the disease is already sweeping the nation. This disease causes immediate symptoms, and goes into full blown AIDS within weeks instead of years, doctors said. After the initial reports of cases discovered in New York and California at about the same time, there has been a strange news blackout about it.


Donahue says he has looked at this disease and finds that it is spreading like wildfire. The media is ignoring this important story.


Obviously the Christian-oriented Bush Administration is too.


Donahue said this cure was but a carrot dangled on a string from the Luciferians to an insane and diseased world. It was a last chance for humanity to accept an offering of relief from pain and suffering from our progenitor.


When the offer expires, the burning of that data will be a bad milestone. A world that turns its back on its forgotten father one time too many could face sorrows the likes of which it has not yet known.