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Aaron C. Donahue

Aaron’s Startling Predictions About The Future


By James Donahue

March 2005


Now that he has access to his own Internet radio show, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue is about to gain international attention.


That is because Donahue, a proclaimed Luciferian who has been blackballed by commercial radio and television because of his open attack on the church, has some startling predictions of future events.


Even if people don’t like Donahue’s spiritual philosophy, they will be compelled to listen to his message. He envisions a grim future for all of mankind. And he has proven his ability to make accurate forecasts. He is the only psychic in existence that can see winning lottery numbers before they are drawn.


His message to the world is not for the faint of heart. He says that because of overpopulation, pollution and global warming, the planet is dying. We are in for dramatic weather changes, disease and pestilence of Biblical proportions. Also looming is a global war between China and the United States that China will win.


Because he sees such a grim future, Donahue is attempting to call together people of like mind to collectively make contact with the progenitor of the human race, whom he says is Lucifer.


Donahue says Lucifer is an alien from an advanced world who planted his DNA in Earth humanoids many thousands of years ago, thus creating the modern human. It was Lucifer who transported Noah and his followers through an earlier world-wide extinction in the distant past. Donahue believes that the same technology (it was not an ark) that saved humans then can be called upon again.


But he says it will take work by many people to make that happen.


This is why Donahue has opened his Internet radio show. He is attempting to call people to join him in this last-ditch effort to save a remnant of the human race.


He says he has been hampered by the Christian Church, a false religion inspired and driven by angelic powers for the past 2,000 years to keep humans off their natural evolutionary track. Instead of evolving both mentally and spiritually, the human race has listened to the church which directs everybody to close their minds and submit to the will of an invisible god. This god figure is really angelic energies in disguise.


“I can prove that Lucifer is a real entity,” Donahue proclaimed during his March 6 radio message. “I’ve met Lucifer.”


He warns that “contact is our only chance because the lives we have now are short.” We must also turn away from the Christian belief that a god will drop down out of the sky at the last moment and save the believers.


“The god is within us. If we are going to be saved, we must save ourselves,” Donahue said.


Donahue spoke out against well known psychic John Edwards, who he says erroneously claims to talk to the dead; and remote viewer Ed Dames, who makes dynamic false claims under the guise of being a professed Christian. He said these kinds of people get media attention, but their work is like a carnival side show. Their existence makes it difficult for people to recognize and believe a real psychic when one comes along.


Donahue professes to be a real psychic with advanced remote viewing abilities that surpass anything anybody else can do. He says he can get accurate information about any subject.


And he is alarmed because he says he sees the human race going extinct within a very few years . . . possibly within the next 30 years if we don’t change the way we continue to exploit our planet.


He believes help is out there, waiting for a remnant of humans to collectively learn how to make contact. The UFOs that are being seen all over the world have been busy in recent years following established grid lines and mapping the planet in search of those special humans who will be carried to safety.


“You know who you are,” Donahue said. “You have always felt that you don’t fit in, that you are not part of the society you are forced to live in. I believe it is time for a gathering. It is time for us to work toward contact.”


You can hear Aaron by going to and opening the radio link every Sunday starting at 2 p.m. Eastern. If you miss the show, the programs are in the archive and available to download without cost.