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Three Weeks Left For Cure As Potential AIDS Pandemic Looms


By James Donahue

February 20, 2005


One week, seven days, has passed since psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue made his offer on Feb. 13 to help the world find a cure for the dreadful AIDS virus.


To date, there has been verbal support on his blog forum, we have heard from some scoffers (as expected), but nobody is stepping forward with the necessary connections and financial support needed to make it happen.


Donahue was not kidding. He is giving this offer just 30 days before it is withdrawn. That means there are only three weeks left.


Notice that since Aaron made the offer, the new virile form of AIDS, which kills in months instead of years, has also been found in San Diego, California. This means within one week this new killer breached the width of the United States, from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts. We may expect many more victims to appear throughout the land.


It was over a year ago that Aaron stated during a public radio interview that he saw a new sexually transmitted disease, much like AIDS, that would emerge. This disease would be more deadly than anything previously known. While it is yet to be proven, we believe this new variant of AIDS may be the bug that Aaron has been seeing.


It would be tragic if the world passes up Donahue’s offer to help bring an end to this dreaded disease.


Aaron, who has a medical background, knows what he is talking about when he says he believes he can find a cure. His offer, which may seem unorthodox to the world of science because it reaches into the occult for answers, may be the last chance medical science will ever have to solve this billowing AIDS crisis.


Donahue warns that forces are watching what happens during the next three weeks. If his offer is rejected or ignored, he says it will never be made again. If the offer expires, the world will be judged. If the offer is accepted, a blessing awaits.


While it is true that Aaron could privately do the work and find a solution to AIDS, he knows that without the necessary support from medical, political and financial sources, the information would only fall on deaf ears.


Consequently Donahue, who has proven himself the best psychic and viewer in the world, demands support before he takes on this project.


Remember that it was Aaron Donahue who correctly predicted that George W. Bush would win a second term in office. This prediction came more than a year before the 2004 elections, at a time when few people thought Bush would get a second term. The other known forecasters put their bets on the Democratic candidate, even before he was known.


When he made his spring, 2004 appearance on the Art Bell Coast to Coast radio talk show, Donahue also predicted that the world would reach peak oil production sometime between 2004 and 2008. Since then, specialists predicted that peak oil would be reached sometime in 2006.


Donahue told Bell that the Mars Rovers, which were then just beginning their exploration of the Mars surface, would not find any life on the red planet. He said they would find pre-biotic chemistry, however, that would have sparked life under the right conditions. This has since been confirmed by NASA.


Donahue correctly predicted the chain of hurricanes that struck Florida in 2004, and he said that global warming would be causing dynamic changes in the world’s weather. Since then, the world has been struck with severe storms and the most erratic weather patterns in known history.


In 2003, Donahue correctly published on his website the winning numbers in Michigan’s three-digit lottery for six consecutive days. The record of this feat can still be found on Aaron’s site at under “data.”


Donahue has predicted that Saddam Hussein is the mysterious “Mabas,” foretold by the ancient French psychic Nostradomus. He said Hussein would be killed by the beast, or George W. Bush. And after this will come “a great undoing” of humans and animals. Would this be yet another pandemic, this time the dreaded avian flu that is already jumping species as it spreads around the globe?


At least two years ago, Aaron predicted a third world war between the United States and China. As the world now pares off for global conflict, mostly over the events going on in the Middle East and Taiwan, it appears that the major players in this war could easily be China and the United States.


Donahue also warned that the United States will lose this war, which would eventually escalate into a nuclear exchange. We will see Chinese soldiers invading our shores. When it was over, the United States would be no more.


Donahue astounded producers at Fox Television when he used his remote viewing skills to find and identify a woman the network placed in a rotating, wired, room over a tower at LA International Airport. He found this woman while television cameras were rolling. Even though he successfully completed the test, the show was not aired by Fox. It was sold about two years later to an independent producer who later aired the show in other network programming. The video clip can be seen by visiting Aaron’s website, also at under “media.”


Donahue also found the missing mother of an Oregon police chief, also as a television stunt that was aired in Japan where this woman lived. He located her in Tokyo, in a country that was completely foreign to him. And he did this while his work was being watched by millions.


Donahue is not talking into the air when he says he can find a cure for AIDS.


But time is running out.


This is perhaps the most important issue to ever be put before the world. Instead of a place on this website, visited by a few thousand each day, it should be posted on the front page of such newspapers as the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post.


I can assure you these newspapers won’t touch this story because (a.) Aaron is a psychic and everybody thinks they know there is no such thing, and (b.) Aaron believes Lucifer is the progenitor of the human race, which rattles Christian paradigms to a point where they refuse to listen to anything more that he has to say.


It seems that Christians would rather perish than accept help from a man who fails to march to the beat of their particular drum.