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Aaron Donahue Offers To Help Find AIDS Cure


By James Donahue

Feb. 14, 2005


In the wake of the discovery last week of a new and more virulent form of AIDS in the New York City area, psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue has offered his services to help the medical community find a cure for this world-wide killer.


If anybody is listening, however, they had better act and act quickly. Donahue said the discovery of the new sexually transmitted disease, which he predicted at least one year ago during a public radio appearance, is but a “signpost” for him that precedes other world shaking events lying just around the corner.


Donahue said the offer is consequently very limited. If he receives no response from doctors or the Gay Community with sincere interest in accepting his offer, it will be withdrawn within the next 30 days.


“I cannot be effective unless the right social conditions exist for which my work is to be presented,” he explained on his webpage Sunday. If his offer is ignored “I must move on according to the next signpost.”


He has not revealed what he sees happening next because he said nobody has asked.


“As a Luciferian, I am forced to endure a similar world of hatred, ignorance and outrageous prejudice. In this way, we have common ground and perhaps an opportunity to secure our own future in the process.”


He also sees the world AIDS epidemic as a disaster that can be cured, although he believes contemporary medical research may be on the wrong track.


“I propose that an alternative scientific method (be) employed. This method will be guided by the advanced psychic functioning of those with the correct lexicon . . .” He suggests a “scientific team of psychics” that will be trained according to the established protocols of his work. “I will, along with a qualified physician, work with a committee of researchers in order to efficiently present our finds.


“If there is a cure for AIDS, I can help find it. There are viable treatments that can also be explored as a result of my work,” Donahue writes.


He says his offer is an opportunity for the Gay Community and many other people throughout the world suffering and dying from this dread disease to find a solution to the AIDS epidemic.


“Right now if you are infected with HIV, you have a choice to go with current medical scientific research and hope for a solution or you can support my work in tandem with science exploring the ultimate frontier of information systems capable of non-historical solutions as well as a review of current research,” he said.


“I am the very best in the world at what I do and we need each other,” Donahue concludes.