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Angelic Possession To The Extreme


By James Donahue

February 2005


The signs of angelic possession are becoming so blatant that those of us on the outside, looking in, find it difficult to understand why more people are not aware of it.


The reelection of President George W. Bush is an example of what I am saying. This man, who professes Jesus as his personal savior and expects to be raptured into the clouds any day to meet this god figure, has surrounded himself with a staff of fellow believers.


He was elected by the masses, millions of people who also believe and are probably as possessed as Mr. Bush. If not possessed, they are conditioned to be glad they have a Bible thumping president in control of the White House.


That Bush is somewhat illiterate, has difficulty speaking with complete sentences and using correct grammar doesn’t seem to matter. That the man has openly invaded another nation and launched a war in the Middle East over false pretenses seems to have left him unscathed. That Bush has turned out to be among the world’s worst environmental criminals, quickly dismantling a multitude of carefully drafted federal controls on industrial pollution of air, ground and water, has been forgiven. That the man has been bought and paid for by big business interests is overlooked.


All that seems to matter to the cheering supporters of George W. Bush is that he believes in Jesus. Thus they perceive him as a good man. There is a belief that God is going to lead Mr. Bush, and consequently the nation into the future.


To Christians, the revelation by psychic viewer Aaron C. Donahue that Mr. Bush is possessed by an archangel, is not a frightening thing. Most people have been carefully brainwashed throughout their lives to believe that angels are on this planet to protect, serve and watch over humans. Angels are considered God’s ambassadors from Heaven.


But that is not true.


Angels are spiritual beings all right, but they don’t come to us at the direction of a supreme power. They are a power unto themselves. They are aliens that are here to manipulate our minds and control our destiny in ways that are detrimental to everyone concerned.


It has been the angel agenda to prevent the humans from evolving both mentally and spiritually. By creating for us enslaving religious belief systems that thrive on fear, the angels have blocked us from doing the very things we humans need to do to bring about both mental and spiritual growth.


The Christians, for example, prohibit such things as meditation, yogi, freedom of sexual expression, and use of mind enhancing natural herbs that help us reach advanced states of consciousness. They either regard such activity as evil, or through government controls, make it illegal.


Now that the angels have us under their control, their next move is to nudge our nations into world conflict. There is little doubt that President Bush is an Armageddon president. The driving force within him seeks to move swiftly to bring on an apocalyptic third world war and the swift destruction of millions, if not billions of people.


If we use nuclear weaponry, it is possible that we might leave our planet so scarred, it will be left uninhabitable forever.


There are enough nuclear bombs in the arsenals of the world powers to accomplish this within a matter of hours.


This, of course, would be the ultimate in stupidity on everybody’s part. Pure logic should prevent our leadership from even considering such a move. But does angelic possession allow room for logical thought?


Consider the radical case of extreme angelic possession that is going on these days in Jerusalem.


It seems that Bible believers who visit the holy historic places in that city often develop what psychologists are calling a “bizarre mental syndrome” in which they assume the roles of Biblical figures.


Some of these people become King David, others are John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and even Jesus. The syndrome is said to affect an estimated 20 people a year, almost all of them Christians or Jews. Doctors are perplexed as to why this is happening.


Of course, modern medicine takes no stock in such things as angelic or demonic possession. Thus the doctors will never understand this phenomenon.


Are the possessions in Jerusalem extreme to the point of danger? Rarely, officials say, although it is an obvious nuisance to local authorities.


Cases include people who start preaching in the streets, a man who caused a commotion in a local hotel because he was giving orders to prepare the last supper, and a young woman who showed up at a local hospital to give birth to the Baby Jesus.


Then there was the case of a deranged Australian Christian who set fire to the Al Aqsa Mosque.


This is angelic, not demonic possession.


Why would angels want to destroy us?


It is because humans, if they would ever allow themselves to evolve to be the magnificent creatures they were designed to be, with both halves of our brains functioning at full capacity, would be capable of seeing the angels and knowing them for what they are.


The angels know that they would be destroyed the moment we saw them.


We humans are caught up in the midst of a spiritual war that has been raging for thousands of years. That war involves the future of the human race.


The angels want us dead. The other spiritual powers, improperly referred to by Christians as “demons,” are fighting to preserve the Mother Earth. While they have no specific love for humans at this point, these spirits are indirectly on our side.


It should make Americans feel uneasy to think an angel controls the mind of their president.