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The Accuracy Of Aaron Donahue’s Predictions


By James Donahue

February 2005


It was just one year ago that Aaron C. Donahue made his final and most remembered appearance on Coast to Coast Radio with host Art Bell. That he has never been asked back is surprising because the predictions he made on Feb. 15, 2004 have proven to be the most accurate of any of the so-called psychics that preceded or followed.


For the record:


--Donahue predicted that sometime between 2004 and 2008 it would be confirmed that the world has reached peak oil production. Since then, some specialists have estimated the peak will be reached in about 2006 or sooner.


--He said weather changes are just around the corner. Since that appearance Japan and Florida were both hit by successions of killer typhoons and hurricanes, a record number of tornadoes marched across the United States, Europe has experienced an unusually warm winter while the Northeast United States was hit with a record snow storm. Torrential rains swept the Southwest going as far inland as Arizona and Nevada. Sedona was flooded.


--Donahue predicted that George W. Bush would be re-elected for a second term. It happened, even though the election was too close to call until the very last day.


--He said NASA would discover that life never existed on Mars. The mechanical rovers on the planet would discover pre-biotic chemistry, however, that could have sparked life if the conditions were favorable. This has since been confirmed.


So far, Aaron C. Donahue is batting a perfect score with the predictions made during that memorable four-hour interview.


He said he had numerous other predictions to offer that evening, and also during an earlier Coast to Coast show with George Noory, but was not allowed to make them. In fact Noory failed to ask any of the questions Donahue submitted for the interview, but spent his time apparently trying to trip Donahue up. Noory is a professed Christian.


We believe the reason Donahue has not been invited back is religious. He declared during both interviews that Lucifer is the progenitor of the human race, that the Bible is an angelic inspired deception, the planet is dying and humans will be extinct within the next 300 years, and that our only chance to survive is to call upon Lucifer to save us.


While that sounds radical to a narrow minded Christian, steeped in religious brainwashing since childhood, anyone that has read this site or visited Aaron’s website at understands the story as Donahue has presented it.


Donahue says he discovered the truths behind human origins through his abilities as both a natural and gifted psychic and an advanced remote viewer.


Donahue is so good at what he does his predictions are frighteningly accurate. And what he sees in our future is really scary.


On the Bell show Aaron also predicted that the re-election of Bush would push the United States directly into a great war with China, and that in the end, after a long and bloody conflict, China would win. The U. S. would be toppled.

He predicted that a one-world government would rise up following the war, with its capital located somewhere in Europe. This government will be necessary, he said, to bring about critical changes designed to try to save the planet and prolong its death as long as possible. It will mean drastic anti-pollution and population controls, including forced sterilization of people testing low levels of intelligence.

Also Donahue says he sees everyone being implanted with a micro chip for identification. Without the chip people will not eat. People that break the law risk having the chip removed and being exiled from society. Jobs will be allocated. Genetically modified trees will be planted in an attempt to restore the planet.

A liquid substance, chlorella, will be produced as food.

As the environment fails, Donahue said cyborgs will be developed into which people can transfer their consciousness. The cyborgs will be linked together like a matrix. But he warns against using this as a way of escaping death. People will find themselves trapped in these machines and doomed to stay there for millions of years, until the solar system goes into self destruct.

He believes the only chance people have to escape the horrors that loom is to turn away from organized religions and join a new movement designed to speed both spiritual and mental evolution. Humans need to learn to connect to the unconscious collective and then work together to summon help from Lucifer.

The solution, Donahue says, is contact with Lucifer.

His message sharply divides anyone that hears it. They either want to know more and approach the subject with an open mind, or they are so indoctrinated with angelic brainwashing they are repulsed and shut out the message.

Unfortunately, this is what is happening to most of the people. It has been the reason that Aaron C. Donahue has been banned from radio and television interviews. And this is unfortunate, because he has a powerful message to give, and important predictions that, if known, could change the tragic course this world is taking.

Instead of hearing accurate psychic predictions of the future and real information about the distant past, and human origins, everybody gets to hear and watch Sylvia Browne and Maj. Ed Dames spout their poison. They get invited back because they claim to be Christians, even though their predictions are wrong most of the time.

Sylvia thought John Kerry was going to win the presidency this time around. Dames said Planet X was going to crash into the Earth. Donahue always said Planet X never existed. Of course, he was right and Dames was wrong.