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A Quiet Rebellion Against World Religiosity


By James Donahue

January 2005


Ongoing stories about pedophile priests; people flocking to see images of the Virgin Mary on tree trunks, building windows and cheese sandwiches; witnesses that see church icons that bleed; mothers directed by God to kill their children and other strange behavior are making the news a lot lately.


Then there was the recent story about a man that jumped into a lion’s cage in a Taiwan zoo in an attempt to convert the animals to Jesus; the Farmington, Michigan woman who attempted a blood sacrifice of one of her children at the alter of a Roman Catholic Church; Attorney General John Ashcroft’s public embarrassment over the bare breasts on a bronze statue of Justice in the State Department; the Christian book burning of the popular Harry Potter books, and James Dobson’s public assault on the children’s Sponge Bob cartoon character as a sinister attempt to convert children into homosexual behavior.


Nuttiness to the extreme.


Some might say these are a Biblical “sign of the times.”


The “times” referred to here are, at least in the minds of the Christians, the end of days before Jesus returns in the clouds and carries away his followers to glory. Anybody that can stake a life on something like this happening is probably mentally handicapped to begin with. Thus the visions and strange behavior should not be considered inappropriate.


What is troublesome is that there are so many millions, if not billions of people willing to follow this and other equally as radical religious belief systems now operating in the world. While the struggle over dwindling natural resources may be the root cause of world conflicts, wars are raging between various factions of Moslem and Christians, between Moslem and Jew, between Hindu and Moslem and between Christian and Moslem.


The Buddhists have had their days of conflict in the Far East.


Ironically, all of these religious groups preach peace and compassion. But if this is what the followers believe, how can they be led to warfare so easily? It is because they believe they have the only true answer in the human quest for a relationship with our creator, and that all others are on the wrong track.


In recent years there has been a growing resistance to this world-wide insanity. It seems to be springing from the youth who are rebelling against the brainwashing effects of religiosity and searching, instead, for a real spiritual path that has its roots in the Earth.


We first saw it among the LSD inspired Hippies in the 1960s. With their third eye temporarily forced open by this drug, the youth caught a glimpse of truth. There was a brief cry of alarm on behalf of the Mother Earth in those days. It was enough of a cry that the movement launched the first of our nation’s environmental protection laws. But they only got a glimpse of reality. Once the drug was taken away by angelic driven government and big business leaders, the Hippies and all the rest of the youth of that era drifted back to sleep.


If LSD couldn’t kick-start a movement toward spiritual awakening and mental evolution, why is it happening now?


There is a new kind of child in the world. They have been referred to as the Indigo Children because they generally emit a bluish, or indigo aura. They are ultra bright and generally unwilling to accept the garbage imposed upon them by the societies in which they are forced to live.


And there is something else.


There is a voice . . . albeit silenced as much as possible by the controlled media . . . that is being heard via the World Wide Web. That voice, while rarely vocal now, is expressing itself in the written word on the website


While seemingly radical and always shocking in its content, the philosophy of psychic, magickian and viewer Aaron C. Donahue is rapidly gathering a following. Thousands of people visit this site daily, even though Donahue sometimes remains silent for weeks at a time.


Why is Donahue attracting so much attention?


Some say he is launching a religious cult but that is not true. Donahue claims he wants to open what he calls the “Church of Lucifer,” but what he has in mind is not a church, or even a religious institution. It is, instead, an altered state of mind. He wants to teach people through word, music and deed how to follow a path of both mental and spiritual evolution.


It is Donahue’s contention that Lucifer is an alien from a highly advanced race of beings who came to Earth from the stars many thousands of years ago, and planted his DNA in a humanoid creature, thus creating the first men and women. He says this, then, makes Lucifer the father, and the Mother Earth the literal mother of the human race.


But Donahue says Lucifer is not to be worshipped. Nor are we to worship the Mother Earth. They are two living entities that deserve to be treated with awe and respect, but they are not gods. The Mother, from whom our flesh sprang, furnishes our daily needs and her garden should be tended with great love and care. Lucifer exists on such a high plane that it will take the collective awakening by many people if we ever hope to communicate again with him.


The human failure is that we did not complete the evolutionary cycle. While we evolved physically, we neglected our spiritual and mental growth. Going to church every Sunday was the wrong path.


Because we allowed the angelic powers to create mind-controlling religious systems, and became slaves to them, we neglected our primary task. Consequently we failed to tend the garden, the Mother Earth’s delicate ecology is failing, and humanity is now threatened with extinction.


Any hope of saving ourselves will depend on following the new path as revealed by Donahue.


I believe a lot of people are waking up to this truth. They are concerned, and hanging onto every word he writes. Many have taped the few radio interviews he was allowed. The tapes can still be heard via Donahue’s website.