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The Inauguration Speech: This Will Not Be Bush


By James Donahue

January 17, 2005


The implications of Aaron C. Donahue’s discovery that President George W. Bush is possessed by an angel should be frightening to all Americans.


Surprisingly, since posting that story more than one month ago, we have received very little feedback, other than to learn that some Christians seem pleased to think that an angel has an inside track in guiding the decisions of our nation. A few other wags enjoyed a joke or two on some of political blog pages.


Other than that, Americans either don’t seem to know, believe, or  just don’t care if Bush is possessed. I think the latter is probably true. And that would be because most people in America believe angels are good, therefore they reason, what wrong could come to America if our president has an angel in his head.


Oh, if they only knew the mischief conceived by the angelic legions that surround us. These strange looking entities from the spiritual realm have been the real enemy from the beginning. They never wanted the Luciferian project, the creation of humans through the implantation of alien DNA in Earth-bound humanoids, to succeed.


And the angels are winning this war.


I say war because that is exactly what it is. There has been a spiritual war raging among the angels and demonic spirits for thousands of years. That war has always been over the fate of mankind.


There are those that want us to evolve to become the powerful creatures we were designed to be. And the angels want us to fail and perish. For if we evolve the angels will have no dominion over us. We will literally see them, expose their treachery and destroy them with mere thought.


For we will be like gods. We will be the very thing the angels, through the Book of Genesis, expressed a fear about. We will have eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and we will know all things. Our third eye will have opened. And the collective thoughts of all humans will be like thunder reverberating throughout the cosmos.


This was to have been our destiny. It still can be our destiny if enough humans can just wake up.


No, it is no good thing that an angel has taken possession of the body of our president.


If you do not believe George W. Bush is possessed, take time to watch the inauguration on January 20. Notice the movements, and pay especial attention to the eyes of our president. And listen with care to the voice of Bush when he delivers his inauguration speech.


Don’t try to see all this live by watching the parade or trying to squeeze in with the crowds to watch the inauguration. Security there is going to be extremely tight. And for some strange reason, one story said the order is out to prevent people from getting close enough to look Mr. Bush in the eyes.


Now why would they issue such an order? They say it is for security reasons. But suppose . . . just suppose . . . people close to the president know that something has changed. They know our president is possessed and, since our story has been posted, his aides, also heavily influenced by angels, are going to great lengths to make sure nobody can see the proof that there is a change.


If you watch your television screens carefully, you should be able to notice this change. Then again, through the magic of digital feedback and delay, even this may be altered before you see it. Just remember when Bush speaks, it will be the angel speaking. What he says will be of utmost significance. That creature will be sending a message filled with layers of information for both the conscious and subconscious mind.


The speech both on inauguration day, and a few days later when the President delivers his State of the Union message to the full House and Senate, will be designed to lull the nation to follow this angel into hell.


And America is going to do it.


As for this writer; I am taking a journalistic stance utilized throughout my life. I am still in the sidelines, watching the show.