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Tracking The Human "God Gene"


By James Donahue

January 2005


The author of a new book has created a stir among theologians because he argues that humans are genetically programmed to worship God.


Dean Hamer’s book,”The God Gene; How Faith is Hardwired Into Our Genes,” suggests that faith is reduced to chemical reactions in the brain. And that angers Christians who want us to believe that faith is a personal decision in life that marks a new path from judgment into that of eternal reward.


Anyone who has ever attended an evangelical church service knows that the leader almost always includes a call for salvation. Hard line Bible thumpers want followers to make a outward decision to follow Christ, and mark it with a public proclamation of their faith.


For these believers, the argument that humans are genetically made with an understanding of God, is nothing less than blasphemy.


Strangely, Hamer’s argument isn’t that different from Christian theology. A behavioral geneticist, Hamer claims that his research shows that spirituality – or that feeling of transcendence – is part of our nature.


“We think that all human beings have an innate capacity for spirituality and that that desire to reach out beyond oneself, which is at the heart of spirituality, is part of the human makeup,” he told Washington Post reporter Bill Broadway in a recent interview.


Hamer says at least one gene, called VMAT2, controls the flow of chemicals to the brain that affect emotions and consciousness. This is what Hamer calls the “God gene.”


He acknowledges that other genes, yet to be discovered, may also be involved in what appears to be a universal human propensity for transcendence.


The Broadway story notes that while the scientific linkage of a gene with chemicals that affect happiness or sadness fails to prove the existence of God, but only show why we believe in the existence of a God.


“Our genes can predispose us to believe. But they don’t tell us what to believe in,” explained Hamer.


Indeed, humans in every corner of the world seem to have always worshipped something, although the direction of this worship has passed from trees, to stones to so many different spiritual deities they are almost too numerous to count. Not until Communism came along was the worship of a deity halted by the law of the land. Whether the people living under Communism obeyed this law is known only to them.


Even Christians disagree among themselves just who and what God is, and how this deity is to be properly worshipped.


The irony of all this is that Hamer has struck upon something important, although he has failed to explain just what it means.


All humans have embedded in their DNA a complete record of the human soul from the day it was first formed within the heart of the Mother Earth. Consequently, we all know the truth. Because of angelic intervention we have lost our way and become confused.


Primitive man always knew where God was, and who God is. She is the Mother Earth. And her essence, the soul, lives within each of us.


Also our DNA was altered so that we had the potential of evolving to a collective godlike state. This happened when the alien Lucifer visited our planet thousands of years ago. Thus while the Earth is the Mother, Lucifer is the father of the human race.


That Luciferian DNA, indeed, carries a “god gene.” When activated it triggers right brain functioning that leads us into spiritual and mental evolution. Our drive for spiritual knowledge, and our mental ability to understand it, works hand-in-hand toward the final stage of human evolution. Only in this way can we fully discover ourselves, our relationship to Lucifer and our destiny in this living universe.


All of this information is contained within the genetic structure of our personal DNA. If and when Hamer and his fellow genetic researchers dig deep enough, they will find the truth in this.


The world religions are living on borrowed time. As scientific research goes on, the proof of the great angelic hoax becomes closer and closer to being exposed.


This may be why the radical religious groups, all driven by angelic powers, are rushing the world to an apocalyptic end. They know they have very little time left to complete their dirty work. And that is the complete destruction of the human race.


Consequently, the race is on between science and religion. If we aren’t careful, the religious segment will win. Humans need to stand up and be counted on this issue rather than submit to the demands of angelic-driven religious killers.