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Mantra For More Help From The Mother


By James Donahue

January 3, 2005


He has presented an interesting idea . . . one that has generated a lot of controversy but shows promise as a quick and exacting solution to the plague of world overpopulation that threatens our extinction.


I write of Aaron C. Donahue’s latest call for a united mantra, asking the Mother Earth to send more natural destruction of the kind that swept Southeast Asia and claimed so many lives.


While the first thought of thousands of people getting swept to their death by a super tsunami following a major quake strikes us with sadness, Donahue is right. It will soon be the fate of everybody if something radical doesn’t happen soon to reduce our numbers, slow down our ravaging of the planet’s resources, and stop the pollution of our lakes, air and land.


The sudden cleansing of the excessively overpopulated nations surrounding the Indian Ocean was a good start, but there is much more to be done.


Donahue wrote the following on his website “perspectives” page:


“The recent cleansing of at least 200,000 human lives is a blessing upon us all. One might profanely refer to any tsunami as a natural disaster. I refer to all such natural events as an extreme blessing,” he said.


“Many of the ignorant peoples of Southeastern Asia live without regard for their environment. They have vastly overpopulated many areas and a continuance of widespread death, disease and famine in that region will only serve to provide an optimum future for the brightest of surviving children.


“We need more human death on this planet,” Donahue continued. “As a planetary communication system, the Earth can respond to our calling for human death and destruction.


“I urge you to experiment with the idea of calling upon the Earth to strike mankind down in large numbers. This could, in fact, save us from the looming atomic wars, increased industrialization and human overpopulation.


“This calling must occur in certain numbers of people and it must become a daily mantra as repeated within the mind. There are more than enough people reading this now to initiate a much-needed change,” he wrote.


“If you are aware and frustrated with life, join us in this mantra and be highly amused,” Donahue concludes.


Does it sound harsh? Indeed, harsh measures are needed at this late hour. The alternatives are too horrible to contemplate. Thus I find myself wholly concurring with Donahue’s idea. And if the number of responding comments is any indication, a lot of other people, mostly among the youth of the world who visit Aaron’s site, think so too.


In case you are new to the idea of a mantra, think of it as a silent prayer. But you are calling out to the Mother Earth, a living sentient force, instead of a false god floating over your heads.


A mantra is usually choosing simple phrases, like: “Cleanse The Earth,” or perhaps “Kill The Masses,” and repeating it over and over again in your mind. When I am doing a mantra, I like to post it on my computer screen, or someplace where I will see it throughout the day and remember to say it.


As Donahue promises, when enough minds are working collectively with this same thought, the Mother Earth will be quick to respond. She will oblige in ways that will not only shock, but surprise you in a personal discovery of the power that lies in the human mind.


Do not say this mantra with fear. The Mother knows her children and cares for them.