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No Surprises; Dames Didn’t Deliver


By James Donahue

January 3, 2005


We listened carefully to the taped message of Art Bell’s interview Jan. 1 with remote viewing instructor Maj. Ed Dames. We must compliment Mr. Dames on the way he can use his silver tongue to say absolutely nothing of value.


Just as we predicted, Dames can't deliver the goods.


Also, it is clear that Mr. Dames is a thief. He is publicly portraying himself to be Aaron C. Donahue, without using Aaron’s name. And it is clear that he has studied both this website and Aaron's site looking for things to steal as his own. The pickings were slim this week, but the man gleaned enough information to keep his tongue wagging for the full four hours. 


Dames bragged about training Sir Ben Kingsley for his role as a remote viewer in the failed Hollywood film Suspect Zero. While Dames was there as an advisor, Aaron C. Donahue also was on the set with Kingsley. In fact, Donahue was filmed in a role as a young Ben Kingsley in training as a remote viewer. Later, in an angelic-contrived slap in the face, all of the scenes in which Aaron appeared were cut from the movie. In its place appears a lengthy scene in which Kingsley is filmed praying and giving his heart to Jesus. The film bombed.


Dames bragged that two of his students, a Texas woman and her daughter, have used the skills he taught them to win the Texas state lottery twice. He said they have produced a video to teach others how they did it.


Granted, this can be done on occasion. This writer once used remote viewing to raise the winning daily three lottery draw in Arizona and took home a welcome $60 for his work. But it was hard work. The technique was tried over and over again for months before we hit. It never happened again.


It is Donahue who found a way to advance his remote viewing skills to a level where he can see numbers in the future. He proved this in 2003 by publishing the winning three-digit Michigan lottery numbers for six consecutive days, prior to their drawings. The numbers are still posted on his website. Donahue is presently writing a book about his accomplishments. The book will help viewers advance to the level Aaron has achieved and perhaps win some cash for themselves. Because he didn’t do the work, Ed Dames does not know how to remote view lottery, and he cannot teach what he does not know.


Dames claimed he has the ability to “get into people’s heads” and find out what they are thinking. He said he did that with Saddam Hussein prior to the U.S. attack on Iraq. This is something that Donahue can do, but it has nothing to do with remote viewing. Donahue is a natural psychic and Dames is not. Dames can’t get into anybody’s head.


Dames said he wrote a rebuttal to a news story in a foreign website that claimed the CIA used false information from remote viewers to show that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction prior to the 2003 invasion. He said he was the viewer that worked with the CIA and he determined that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. We have it from good authority that this story is untrue. Dames does not have ties with either the CIA or the FBI. This writer published a rebuttal to the false CIA-WMD report. I doubt if Dames bothered.


As predicted in my Saturday story, Dames failed to keep his promise to Bell to use a new system developed by a member of his “team,” Brent Miller, to locate targets with pinpoint accuracy. Apparently Miller’s invention didn’t work as good as Dames boasted during the October show.


His promise to bring bars of gold to Bell’s front door in December was not kept. Dames explained that the gold he sought was located on fenced private property, so he is now looking elsewhere. He says he will now have real gold treasure to bring to the show in the spring. We will see.


His promise to have found the body of a missing child also was not kept. He said he has decided to remain silent about this work out of respect for the family. This suggests that no body was found. It probably never will be, at least by Dames and his “team.”


Christian callers fired the usual bland questions about Jesus, Moses, Satan and the antichrist. I noticed that Dames’ old story of remote viewing Lucifer shifted to Satan this time around. Dames once said that Satan is not Lucifer, and that he is an entity not even on this planet.


Aaron says that Satan is a figment of the Christian belief system that does not exist.


A phrase Dames used to describe his vision of “Satan” came right out of an interview I had with Aaron, and Aaron’s own written description of his personal encounter with the alien Lucifer. He stole the statement almost word for word.


Dames said his experience with Satan was bright light. He said the light was “crystalline,” the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It scared the hell out of me.”


Dames said he was prompted to remote view Satan in 1999 after the shootings at Columbine High School.


What motivates Dames? He uses the Coast-to-Coast show to sell his high-priced tapes that supposedly offer a home course in remote viewing. He also sells a cheaply made tape about the solar "kill shot" that he has been warning about for the past decade.


This is how Dames makes his living. He can't find gold because he can't remote view. Except for his RV "school," he has no other visible means of support.