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More “Intellectual” Psychic Bashing Requires Response


By James Donahue

January 2005


A broad editorial assault on the psychic phenomena by Leon Jaroff, founding managing editor of Discover and correspondent for Time, requires a response from this writer who is in a position to know something about the subject.


In one broad sweep of his pen, Jaroff claims (obviously without hard statistical research to back him up) that all psychics batted zero when it comes to accurately predicting the outcome of recent major world events.


He calls all self-proclaimed psychics “a motley collection of mystics, charlatans, hoaxers and smooth con artists who have successfully buffaloed a good portion of the public into believing that they have supernatural powers.”


Jaroff builds his argument on a new report by Gene Emery, of the Committee for Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal (CSICOP). It seems Emery has just published his compilations of psychic predictions for 2004 on the organization’s website.


Emery lists the Janet Jackson Super Bowl breast flash, the prison torture in Iraq and the Boston Red Sox World Series Win as major events that were completely missed by the people who claim to be able to foresee the future. In the past, Emery also said the psychics missed the 9-11 attack and the death of Princess Diana.


Oh really?


Granted, there are a lot of charlatans out there. They dominate the visual world of psychic phenomenon because they get press coverage. Their predictions for the future are always fodder for the tabloids, although they rarely, if ever, come true.


What Jaroff, Emery and CSICOP don’t seem to understand is that psychics do exist, and they occasionally get mentioned in news. But it is rare when psychics as gifted as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Aaron C. Donahue come along. When they do, their achievements, while alive, are always forced by religious controlled governments into darkness.


The Nostradamus quatrains are French poems, written in hard to understand code, because of the religious persecution going on in his day.


Cayce was somewhat renowned because he pulled the “Jesus” card. This is an old trick used by accused criminals and other public personalities when captured or attacked because Christians believe that “sinners” who give their hearts to the Jesus god can be converted and “made whole.” Thus Cayce, because he claimed a belief in Jesus, was not hunted down as either a witch or a spawn of Satan. He was allowed to heal (God’s work) and write records of his visions of the future.


Note that Sylvia Browne, among the few noted “psychics” getting some recognition in today’s media, practices her con-game under the name of Jesus. She claims Christianity, and says so every time she gets her mug in front of a television camera. While Sylvia clearly has the ability to tap into the thoughts of people in her audience and dig out the records left by the dead, she cannot see into the future. Her predictions of future events have always fallen flat, but because she gives her listeners “up-beat” reports of things they like to hear, they seem willing to overlook this severe flaw in her work.


Aaron C. Donahue, the current psychic among psychics, is not being accepted because he refuses to go public under the terms demanded by the church. He is a rebel who says religion is a disease that needs to be stomped out before humanity has any chance of evolving and even surviving the apocalyptic events that lie in our future. Donahue declares himself a Luciferian. That is, he believes Lucifer is, or was, a member of a powerful alien race of beings that came to this planet thousands of years ago, manipulated the DNA of humanoid animals, and created the first thinking humans.


Donahue proclaims Lucifer as the father of the human race.


Consequently Donahue is blocked from public exposure.  He is living in silent frustration. His only outlet is the Internet, and because the fake hucksters, including Browne and Major Ed Dames, of remote viewing fame, like to steal any predictions published there, Donahue has remained silent even there for the past year.


Donahue can see future events with remarkable accuracy. He also can find missing people and he has proven his ability to see lottery numbers on tickets before they are drawn. In 2003 he published on his blog page the winning numbers of a three-number daily Michigan draw prior to the drawing for six consecutive days.


In spite of what Jaroff writes, Donahue did catch a glimpse of 9-11 when, eight months prior to the attack and during a remote viewing session with Dames, he drew the New York skyline without including the twin towers of the World Trade Center.


Donahue said Dames gave him a target of the “next major event” in the United States. Donahue said his data indicates that the towers were struck by missiles. Dames, who claimed to have ties with high government sources including the CIA, said he thought Donahue’s work was invalid and he refused to consider it. Consequently, Donahue said, no further work on this matter was done.


Donahue also predicted that George W. Bush would be re-elected to office this year. He made this prediction at least a year before the election, back when all of the other known psychics were saying Bush would lose.


He also spoke out against Dame’s public predictions of a killer solar flare and a swipe of our solar system by “Planet X” that would generate catastrophic world events. Donahue said they would not happen. And they haven’t.


Donahue has accurately predicted severe hurricane seasons, including the one that occurred in 2004. While he told this writer about the terrible line-up of hurricanes for last summer, I was negligent in posting the information. Donahue said he wished to post it on his own website first. Because of other work that took his time, he didn’t get the prediction posted. Before we knew it, the first storm was upon us.


Donahue does not waste his time worrying about baseball or the exposures of women’s breasts during football events. They are unimportant to him as he believes they should be to everybody else. While the prisoner abuse story in Iraq got a lot of press, it wasn’t a major world event either. It was just another of a long line-up of war horrors that always occur when humans let themselves return to animalistic behavior.


What Donahue sees in our future is a major world war over declining natural resources. He predicted about two years ago this would happen. His forecast was that Bush would win the election, and then set the machinery in motion for a long and ugly war with China.


He says terrorism is not a threat, or ever will be a threat to the security of the United States. He says the loss of our access to Middle Eastern oil reserves, however, is a threat to our national security. Terrorist events, resulting from our attempts to gain control over those oil reserves, will occur in our country.


Donahue has a lot of other things to say, but right now, the major radio and television stations are not opening their doors to him. This is because they are controlled by Christian-owned and oriented corporations that want nothing to do with a man who publicly denounced their god.


They seem to be saying Donahue is a wild man with crazy ideas that should not be heard. Strangely, however, a lot of people out there want to hear what Aaron has to say. Even though he rarely posts, Donahue’s website is visited heavily by people all over the world.


The tragedy is that Aaron C. Donahue could be a wonderful gift to the human race. His insights into world events and accurate observations of future events should be treasured by government leaders. Instead, he is an outcast, living in frustration because of what he knows and dares not say.