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Time For Mr. Dames To Be Held Accountable


By James Donahue

January 1, 2005


Major Ed Dames is making another pitch on the Art Bell Coast-to-Coast radio talk show tonight. Expect him to astound listeners with his predictions of horrific future events and then promote his high-priced tapes that are supposed to teach basic skills in remote viewing.


If Dame’s past predictions are any indication, anybody investing in his tapes will be wasting their money.


We know from experience that calls into the Bell radio show are carefully screened, so Aaron C. Donahue and his relatives and supporters are usually blocked. Therefore, I  invite all listeners to hold Mr. Dames accountable for his past predictions that never came true.


Every time Dames appears on Bell’s show, the list of his crazy “insights” into the future gets longer and more ridiculous.


Dames is most famed for his prediction of a solar kill shot that was supposed to wipe out about half of the people of the Earth and send us off into a "Mad Max" way of living. We first began hearing about this kill shot in about 1996, and the story has been repeated nearly every time he appears on Bell’s show.


Remember that it was Dames who told us about a deadly plant pathogen that was dropped from an alien craft over Africa, also in about 1996, that was going to spread around the world and wipe out all of our crops. This later was modified to a pathogen that would attack the grasses. Later it was turned into a milk pathogen that killed babies. That started eight years ago. We are still waiting for whatever it was to materialize.


Also how about the prediction that Planet X was coming, and was going to zoom past the Earth close enough to cause our planet to tilt on its axis. That story has been coming from his lips for a few years now. To date, our astronomers have seen no sign of this planet. Psychic Viewer Aaron C. Donahue says he does not agree with Dames. There is no Planet X. And Donahue says the Earth is not going to tilt on its axis. Who is right?


Yet another dire prediction from Dames is the nuclear attack by North Korea against South Korea, which he says will trigger World War III. It hasn’t happened. Donahue says it won’t happen. The war will be started a bit farther south when the U.S. defends Taiwan against an attack by China.


Dames also warns that the world economy is going to collapse in 2005. Interesting to note that would-be psychic Sylvia Browne last week predicted on Bell's show that the world economy would revive in 2005. They can’t both be right. Donahue claims they are both wrong. The economy will be in a state of wild change, with markets rising and lowering, and fortunes being made and lost overnight. But Donahue assures us that the economy isn’t going to crash. Who is right? So far, Donahue's prediction, made more than a year ago, seems to be playing out.


Dames promised during his October 4 appearance on the Bell show that he would return in December with a truck full of gold bars recovered from a lost treasure somewhere in the Southwest and that he also would by then locate a missing body, using new remote viewing technology developed by his colleague, Brent Miller.


Dames promised that Miller’s system is so accurate, he assured everyone that he would deliver the proof when he appeared on the show tonight. “We have never had anything like it. We get 100 percent accuracy. Its foolproof,” he said.


We predict that Dames will have some kind of excuse for his failures to find either gold or bodies when he comes on tonight’s show. If he delivers, then I offer my congratulations for having proved me wrong. But I don't expect it to happen. 


Sadly, I used to believe in Dames. I believed him because I saw what our son, Aaron C. Donahue was able to do with the remote viewing skills he learned after attending Dames classes.


What Aaron learned was a technique developed by the military that was especially suitable for a natural psychic like Aaron to utilize to enhance skills he already possessed. But Aaron discovered, after associating with Dames for a while, that while Dames could teach the technique, he could not personally remote view.


He rode on Donahue’s skills and achieved some fame for it, but never gave Donahue credit. During a television appearance in Japan, Donahue found a missing person, but Dames took all the credit.


After the Japan fiasco, Dames’ work has all been smoke and mirrors. That is because Donahue left him, and the other members of his team, including Miller, can’t do much better than Dames. That is because they still are locked in on remote viewing, which is an imperfect technique at best.


Donahue has uncovered the missing link. He no longer considers himself a remote viewer because he has evolved beyond what he called a "step in the ladder" toward human evolution of right brain functioning.


For some unexplained reason, after his one interview with Bell last year, Donahue has been banned from any additional appearances on Coast-to-Coast. Yet people like Dames and Browne are invited back time after time.


Hold Dames accountable tonight, America. It is time for him to answer up.