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A Distorted Remote Viewing Report From India


By James Donahue

December 2004


A recent story in the India Daily, that made its way to the Internet, reports that RAW, India’s secret spy network, has been successfully using remote viewing to gain important intelligence information.


It also claims that American remote viewers misled the United States into believing Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.


The article by Sudhir Chadda notes that information supplied by remote viewers recently led to arrests of Pakistan ISI agents throughout India. The technique also is being used to track al-Queda terrorists as well, Chadda wrote.


The story suggests that the RAW in India is open to utilize remote viewing, even though it is regarded as a paranormal activity, because of the country’s “cultural richness over spirituality and paranormal activities.


“The remote viewing activities are nothing new for India. Indians traditionally have been doing it for thousands of years. But now India is doing it for a reason,” Chadda wrote.


He then went on to say that remote viewing “if applied in the wrong way can cause catastrophe and total embarrassment,” and pointed to the US Iraq conflict as a case in point.


Chadda draws from a report in Pravda that claimed CIA remote viewers initiated a quest for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that U.S. intelligence agents made their claims based on the information supplied by the remote viewers.


Obviously Chadda did not do his homework before writing his story.


While I know nothing about the activities of the India RAW spy network, and will even give them credit for possibly utilizing either psychics or remote viewers, claims that the CIA led America into an attack on Iraq because of faulty remote viewing data are bogus.


The CIA is not using remote viewers. While some agents in the CIA believe the technique works, and probably are watching the work of Aaron C. Donahue, I believe they are not calling on him, or any of the US viewers with lesser abilities for help for political/religious reasons.


The United States today is controlled by extreme right-wing Christian fanatics that see psychic functioning, remote viewing and other paranormal activities as “of the Devil” and will have nothing to do with it.


They are probably fearful of Donahue.


Even though Donahue has developed advanced viewing techniques that make the old remote viewing system developed by the military during the cold war years obsolete, nobody has asked him for help in solving the world’s growing quagmire of problems.


Instead of being utilized for his abilities, Aaron has been blackballed. His predictions that George W. Bush would be re-elected came true. He also predicted that NASA would find no ruins, no face, and no signs that intelligent life, beyond some pre-biotic chemistry, ever existed on Mars, which is happening.


He warns that the US is heading straight into a terrible world war with China, and that China will eventually emerge as the victor.


He also warns that the human race is racing toward extinction because we have polluted and stripped our planet and destroyed its ecology. The world already is running out of natural resources. Most critical already are supplies of oil, viable drinking water, land and lumber.


Donahue stunned television viewers by finding a missing woman in Tokyo, Japan, and tracking a woman hidden in a rotating restaurant on a tower at Los Angeles International Airport. He has proved his abilities to find people and things with pinpoint accuracy. He also has posted winning lottery numbers on his website for six consecutive days in a row.


Yet Aaron is shunned by his own government.


If he had been involved in the nation’s pre-Iraq war intelligence, President Bush would never have gone into that battle under the pretense that Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction.


Aaron knew better. He posted this information on his website and stated it during a public radio broadcast prior to the US invasion.