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Fighting Planet Dangers With A Spiritual Eye


By James Donahue

November 2004


A new threat that a pattern of dangerous bacteria is evolving in insects that bring new diseases to humans through bites and stings recently caught my eye.


A group of English doctors say they have identified a new bacterium, originating in the nematode worm, that causes oozing skin sores in humans. The doctors worry that this new bacteria, like the evolved staph bacteria and the virus strain jumping from birds to humans in Asia, might turn into global pandemics if not quickly brought under control.


What is going on?


I think it was Sylvia Brown who recently proclaimed that she thinks the Earth is striking back at the human race because of what we have been doing to the ecology.


While we usually don’t give credence to many of Brown’s predictions, she isn’t too far off on this one. But it isn’t exactly the Earth that is attacking us, it is our own misdoings coming back to haunt us.


Psychic and advanced viewer Aaron C. Donahue explains that the planet, all of the living things on it, and including the human race, all belong to a magnificent cosmic information system. He says that information is constantly being exchanged throughout the universe.


It passes from star to star, from galaxy to galaxy, from person to alien, from tree to animal, and from microbe to microbe. Bacteria, for example, has been found to possess a complex communication system that helps it survive and evolve to overcome constant attempts by humans to poison and control its existence.


Notice how the weather patterns on Earth have been changing, with massive storms, volcanoes and earthquakes striking at certain portions of the planet. The attacks on Japan, China, India and the United States are significant because we have become the most environmentally unfriendly nations in existence.


Donahue believes that a global awakening by humans to a new spiritual path, with all mankind directing an interest in protecting, supporting and loving the Mother Earth with the same fervor the Gnostics have, would bring radical repair and change.


Instead of dynamic destructive storms, the clouds would bring welcome rains that make the world green. Instead of drought, we would see rains that make the encroaching deserts bloom once more. Instead of bacterial and viral pandemics, we would find balance in human abilities to live in harmony with our microbial neighbors.


As long as world leaders continue to lead their nations to warfare, careless industrial development, and deny the effects our concrete jungles, our roads, our damns, and our smog is having on the planet we live on, we cannot expect change for the better.


As long as we continue to recklessly burn carbon fuels, to strip our rain forests and dump harsh chemicals in fields teeming with genetically modified crops, the Earth will continue to be a harsher and more deadly planet on which to live.


As long as we carelessly breed and overpopulate an already saturated world of human maggots, we can expect major natural disasters, wars and pestilence to take their toll.


Donahue proposes a radical change, now borne of necessity, which calls for some radical changes in social order.


To bring our planet under control and to heal what is left of the Earth’s vastly damaged eco-system, he says we must learn to respect and care for our planet. Since humans have demonstrated unwillingness, and an apparent inability to voluntarily do this, the change must be forced upon us.


He calls for the following:


--A one-world government, operated by a spiritually-driven form of dictatorial leadership, that brings an end to war and forces humans to live an environmentally friendly life style.


--Make any act against the environment . . . even the careless destruction of a tree or draining of pollutants into a stream . . . a felony crime punishable by death. The body of all offenders must be planted in the soil under a newly planted tree as fertilizer to help it grow.


--Put strict limits on the number of children allowed in any household. Violations would be considered a crime against the planet and consequently a felony punishable by death.


--Institute euthanasia for all elderly and chronically ill humans no longer able to contribute for the good of the whole. The form of death would be pleasant and comfortable, eliminating the fear of pain and suffering.


--The shut-down of all world religious systems that enslave mankind, promote overpopulation, and teach false security in cult god figures that people believe will return to the planet and magically repair it before humans become extinct.


--Replace the religious cults with a new spiritual movement that teaches respect and love for the Earth, the environment, and one another.


--The replacement of all coal, oil and wood-burning plants, vehicles and home heating units with newly developed and environmentally friendly energy systems.