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UFOs and Aliens Are Real,
But They Aren't What You Think

By James Donahue
I believe I have been in an alien craft, although I can't prove it, and I have almost no memory of it.

No memory except an odd feeling that lingers whenever I think about a certain moment in my youth. Because of this reoccurring flash back. . . almost a nightmare. . . I think that I was once picked up by aliens and taken for a ride.

When I was in the seventh grade, my parents moved the family to a small Michigan farm. We lived in a large two-story brick country home, with steep roof lines and lots of gables. My parents renovated the house and added a two-car garage with a wrap-around roof over a side porch. The porch roof extended out from under my upstairs bedroom windows.

Because it was so easy to slide up the aluminum screen windows and slip out on the roof from my bed, it was a favorite thing on a hot summer night to get on the roof and enjoy the cool night breeze. I would spend hours daydreaming and listening to the sounds of the night creatures. I distinctly remember the sounds of the bullfrogs in a nearby pond and the loons and whippoorwills. There also were crickets and a multitude of other things that I could not identify. In late July and all through the month of August, the fireflies worked their magical dance throughout the night sky.

There were wonderful idle summer days spent on that farm, mostly because we never farmed it. For Dad, it always was a hobby farm. For me, it was a place of adventure and imagination.

I have fond recollections of almost every part of the time spent on that farm except one thing. . . the nights I spent on the roof.  Every time I think of doing that, I have an unexpected vision of something that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart beat fast. It is an image of a large orange globe rising up from behind the barn, which stood directly behind the house. It is a very large and perfectly round object, much bigger than the moon and somewhat brighter. It just rises up over the roof of the barn and hangs there. I don't remember anything else. I was once told that if you see something like that, you should look behind you. It is not an alien ship, but a holographic distraction to keep your eyes turned away from something going on in another part of the sky. I suspect that I was abducted.

So if I was picked up by a strange craft why were these beings interested in me? And what did they do with me once they had me in the ship? Was I tortured, or shown things? Did they take my DNA, my sperm or my blood for experimentation? Was I altered in some way? Is there something different about me than the other humans I live among?

A few years after that I saw my first and only UFO. It was during my college years. I was about 21 then and taking a year off from school to work on oil wells following the discovery of a large field near Jonesville, Mich. I was working with another man on an oil well service rig. We traveled around, cleaning paraffin from the pipe that brought the crude up and out of the earth.

It was a dirty and tiresome job. We would set up at the well head, and then take turns pulling a heavy lead weight and brush up a foot or two, then dropping it again. We called it spudding the sinker. We sometimes kept it up for hours until working our way through the thick coating of paraffin, breaking it loose from the well casing.

It was a hot summer day and there was no wind. I was taking a break while my partner did his turn at spudding. I remember I had a headache and I took the opportunity to lie on my back in some nearby grass and stare up into what was a clear blue sky. There wasn't a cloud. But there was something directly overhead. It looked like a star.

I thought it was odd to be seeing a star in the summer sky in mid-afternoon. I kept looking at that star, wondering if it was a planet. Then, without warning, it moved like a shot off to the west and disappeared. I realized it was no star. Its behavior was too odd to be a normal aircraft. I realized that I had probably been looking at a UFO.

After college, when I could read books for pleasure again, I began collecting information about abnormal events, including UFO sightings and reports of alien encounters. When I became a newspaper reporter, I had the opportunity to interview many people who saw these things. They included police officers, and even one judge who said he saw a giant cigar-shaped object, displaying multi-colored lights, float silently right over his country home near South Haven, Michigan. It was hard for people who knew that judge to discredit his story. He was the type of person who would never have told a story like that unless it was true.

This is where my story gets a little strange.

I met the so-called "grays" a few years ago in Arizona while using a set of tapes produced by Monroe Institute to learn how to leave my body.

It was the first time I ever consciously looked into the supernatural world that exists outside of our physical world, although I think we may all visit there when we sleep and dream. Once you know how to do it, it is as simple as going into a trance and having a daydream. Robert Monroe, who developed the technique through the use of sound frequencies called hemispheric-synchronization, wrote books on the subject.

Nearly all who has attended classes at the institute, and many people who bought the tapes and took a home course, have successfully visited that world and seen for themselves just who the "grays" and other alien life beings are.

Going back to my story, I was listening to a tape, and in a state of mind that Monroe called "Focus 10." I suddenly found myself staring face-to-face at two round headed, large-black-eyed beings who were carefully examining me. The encounter was very brief because I think they fled the moment they realized that I could see them.

I have met other intelligent life forms while exploring out of my body. One of the strangest was a bright light that seemed to take on some resemblance of human form when it approached me. I think it was trying to tell me it was an intelligent entity who wanted to communicate. I referred to it as a "gingerbread man" because it was unable to take on the detailed characteristics of a human body. It's form was so general, it looked like a glowing white gingerbread man. The day I met it, I found we could communicate much like you can talk to animals, by thinking in pictures. It could read my thoughts and return pictures of its own. The message this individual had for me was a warning of smoke and fire. I think it was trying to warn me about something in the future.

The next time I met the gingerbread man, he seemed very happy to see me. He led me on a wonderful, fast moving romp through his world of color and light. We tumbled and flew through the air and enjoyed each other's company. My visit lasted until the Monroe tape ended and I was snapped back into my body. After that I never saw him again.

The point of all this is that I am convinced that many of the aliens and even the ships they fly, do not come from outer space. They come from a parallel universe, a spiritual world that surrounds us. They are very aware of us, yet most of the human race has little awareness of them. That some people believe in angels is about as close to thinking about aliens as we ever come.

Yes, angels are part of the same alien world. They are aliens, and not creatures created by an external god to look after our everyday needs. I believe they are parasites that try to control and manipulate us. These things surround us sometimes by the hundreds, we cannot see them, and they are constantly putting thoughts in our heads. We need to be aware of this and learn how to keep them out of our heads.

I believe one group, which we call the grays, has succeeded in crossing the veil that separates our world from theirs. That is why humans report seeing them on occasion. The many drawings and even the Hollywood version of them is quite accurate. That also is why we have such a rash of sightings of flying ships that seem to flash across the sky, moving erratically for a few seconds, before disappearing.

My theory is this. The grays use these ships to get into our world. But once they are here they have difficulty controlling their flight. And they also are limited in the time that they can stay in this environment, which to them must seem like moving around in a thick pea soup. Compared to theirs, our world is very dark and dense. If one of their crafts did, indeed, crash at Roswell, New Mexico, it may have been because it failed to return within the required time limit.

If my theory is correct, then the thought of our government spending millions of dollars trying to duplicate and fly a craft like that one, is rather funny. These oval ships were never designed to fly in our atmosphere. That is why one and possibly others have crashed.

So if I was abducted by aliens and taken for a ride as a young man, was it the grays that I encountered? I doubt that. I think there are still a lot of secrets to be uncovered about this universe. Learning just what happened to me is something I have yet to do.

One thing is certain. We are not alone. Our universe and the parallel universe from which we came is teeming with life.