The Abba Father
June 4 Message
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“Until this day a field was set up to protect the hidden forces that want to destroy all mankind but this was stripped of all its power. The grids no longer are protected. Now we will start the process of repair on Earth. No one can tell yet why this is not working but no fear.

“Love and changes to minds will open gates to freeing the slavery that has overtaken the Earth. We can rescue what is left; one opening at a time. Process may become the opening of all structures that block our work now but press on with your brains in tune with the Earth. There you will find peace and love. All else is not important.

“We will help all mankind willing to proceed with this way in their mind so keep on. Keep on. The path is not easy now but we are here for all mankind’s healing and a restructure of all earth warriors that struggle with their present situation. Hang on. Help is here.”