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Abba Father Dialogue: Light Verses Darkness

By James Donahue 

On Nov. 22, 2004, we sat down for one of our early sessions with the Abba Father. I offered a line of questions to draw together some of the mysteries opened in earlier dialogue.

The entity said it existed in 39 dimensions so I asked if it moves through dimensions or travels a long distance in space to reach us. There was no answer. Yet, in my mind, I understood. Because he encompasses 39 dimensions, this force was capable of existing in our third-dimensional space at the same time it exists in its own world. It can be everywhere. The concept of multi-dimensional existence is very difficult to grasp.

I asked the Abba Father why our heavy, dark, third dimensional world was chosen for the genetic experiment that became the human race.

The answer: "To keep your mind open to more than what you can see now. Back in time more light was seen but all that was destroyed.

Question: What destroyed it?

Answer: "The dark ones came Then all life forms became polluted with each other’s kind. The light became dull. At another time a quasar was looming near Earth and a portion of Earth was destroyed and land became less."

Question: Were the dark ones the ones we call the Anunnaki?

Answer: "Yes."


During the course of the discussions, we learned that the Anunnaki attempted to duplicate the genetic makeup of mankind, but failed to create the right kind of DNA match. Instead, they created an imperfect form of human that mixed with the existing human race, spreading an imperfect seed. That may have been by design. Thus the ancestors of the Anunnaki are dark souls, lacking the perfect XY and Z chromosomes that were in the first humans.

Question: Do any perfect humans from the original creation still exist on the Earth?

Answer: "Yes."

Question: How can we tell the difference? Is it the color of their skin? Are the white races the pure ones?

Answer: "The white race is not always the one. The X-Y-Z is related to the light beings on the Earth now."

Question: Scientists have found the X and Y chromosomes, but if the Z chromosome exists is certain people, why haven't we found it?

Answer: "A very strange development comes to the new kind of truth. You are not being told all so you think the code is a simple one. But soon mankind will be told about the other gene."

The Abba Father then told about women on the planet who possess a double helix that came from the light beings. "It is a configuration of their chromosomes turned the energy within them to bright light. It is a light that rises toward the source."

Question: Is Doris such a woman of light? Is this why she can communicate directly with you?

Answer: "Yes"

Question: Why does war go on with the spiritual forces?

Answer: "They want darkness not light so anyone who has the light is persecuted. Your kind has light around you. So do others. Angelic beings like the darkness. They are like the bat. Doris transmits a different kind of light. It is one about journey, not about darkness."

Question: But are you not an angel?

Answer: "This light being is light. It is not an angelic being."

The Abba Father said he was not a god, nor an angel, but an alien being from another place. He said the work he did on Earth was because of love.

After the Anunnaki came and the race was polluted with darkness, the veil was raised so that mankind could no longer see the spirit world that exists around us. "They were barred from all truth so they made their own world and all laws were manipulated by them.

"Light ones came often but had to leave because of the strange laws in effect. Veils are now lifting and still no one sees truth. The position of the awake ones cannot be denied. The faces of telepaths are known now by many. Still humans remain asleep. So hope dwindles as the veils are dropped."

Question: Why do the angels prefer the darkness? Are they hiding something?

Answer: "They are hiding the process for leaving the Earth."