The Abba Father
June 2 Message
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Resist the influence of others who cannot process love but help them to change as much as you can. Trust your heart on this. Know you are not alone but have hope now that process is returning your minds to a different level.

This will come on quickly but your brains will evolve slowly. The waves of a changing world will be known to all. People will see the change becoming more clear. All will be given a chance for a future on earth; one different than known before. Living matter will change and DNA will change. Resonance of mankind will bring change inside their brains.

The point of all is love, not hatred. No one can escape this change. The energy field is too strong. Some cannot tolerate this wave. The others will rush to become part of this. Fear may come. Let all fear be eliminated. We will help you cross this path. Control is not our way.

Your earth is in need of repair. Your minds are in need of love, not hatred. Help is here now. Press onward. Press onward never to return to the old ways again. Love is the key to all mankind’s future on earth from this day forward.