The Abba Father
July 11 Message:
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“Trust no one now. Truth is not open to all. Communication will not show truth. Media is manipulated to put all hatred and make all humans war with each other. Manipulation is taking place as this message is told. Crimes are being committed by authority and there is no justice for most. Greed is the reason. Hatred for others is the way. Trust in world politics is all about greed for many humans are suffering and many are starving. Many have no homes to live in because of greed. Love does not exist in this realm anymore. Powerful leaders do not care about anyone’s welfare.

“Spoken out was fearsome leaders that put together a mandate to drill more oil, take more gold, kill more soldiers. Get powers to agree on this way only for their own welfare and not their people’s. Soldiers die for these purposes now all over the Earth. This must stop. Living beings are harmed because of greed.

“This greed will stop and love will take the place now so raise your powerful minds to resonate love. Keep on this way. You will become a survivor of this terrible existence. Everyone on Earth can open their minds. No one can take away this power. This power is awakening from a long sleep so the brain is now ready to open up all that was shut down many centuries ago. Many are strong and know the way and your minds are also opened. Put love there not hatred.

“Don’t let anyone take this holy way away from you now. This is your gift from all ancients. Many eons have passed waiting for this awakening. The ones in power do not want you to participate but it is too late to stop. Happening is now the awakening and your minds will become their fear. This message is one of the last that is given because communication will be manipulated so listen and avoid their ways of putting hatred back. Very important to let love come to your heart and mind..”